About Me

Howdy readers!

I’m Wei Juan or call me LWJ. I born in Kuantan, Pahang but moved to Johor Bahru when I was in Primary 4..

Now I would like to tell a story regarding my blogging history!

I started to blog in 10th of February 2007.. That was the time when i finished my STPM i think..

I have nothing to do so went to learn about computing and internet stuff..

I even got myself a certificate for that!

Then started to blog with my own designed HTML website at freehostia..

Coz I spent money to learn about web design, so must fully utilize it! haha

Because I also learnt about Macromedia Flash, so I went to create another website using flash as well.. 2 versions of my website!

After that i found out about wordpress so i decided to use this PHP program to blog..

That time I had a hard time doing all those scripts and editing all those themes to suit my style..

I bought this www.lwjuan.com domain name and the web hosting from my friend, Doi..

However, sometimes I do blog at wordpress.com for temporary maintenance of my lwjuan.com

Then i got offer from UNIMAS for medicine..

So i went to Sarawak in July 2007..

I celebrated my birthday on the 1st day of school!

I continued to blog when I’m free but i stopped halfway due to my studies..

That time I got bad result for one of my posting, Hematology..

How bad was that? Ok, B-.. lots of people are getting better result that mine and I thought blogging actually caused me to “deteriorate” in my studies! haha

We called this “Rationalization” in psychology’s defense mechanism. XD

Then when I finished year 1, I continued again..

This was my journey to blogging..

As for Nuffnang, I joined Nuffnang not long after their launching in Feb 2007..

That time I thought “So good meh, blogging also can earn money!”

However, I tried! and…

I got my first payment from them in December 2007!

I’m not a very frequent blogger and due to my studies, I seldom update my blog that time.. too kiasu! lol

That time I also heard of another advertising company called Adverlets..

They said Adverlets give higher pay per click but after I have done research, I found out that Adverlets did not send the payment to the bloggers..

So I canceled my intention of joining adverlets and sticked with Nuffnang until now!

I can say that I’m happy with Nuffnang and their services!

In 4th year, I have done my elective in University of Edinburgh, attaching to Royal Infirmary Hospital and was lucky to have a chance to travel around in Europe..

Main entrance  of Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.

With my supervisor, Prof Peter Hayes (Professor of Hepatology)


Louvre Musuem, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris


Colosseum, Rome

Now I’m a doctor at Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB)!

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

About the Author

A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).