Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson Family Bonding 2019

Day 1

For this year family bonding gathering, we had chosen Lexis Hibiscus Resorts Port Dickson as our holiday destination. Altogether, there are 8 adults and 2 toddlers.

After about 3 hour drive, we finally arrived at Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson. As check-in time is at 3.00 pm, we headed to Wen Yin Seafood Restaurant for our lunch. This restaurant is recommended by WJ’s friend. It is situated about 3 km away from the hotel resorts. Looking at the crowd at the restaurant, it must be quite well-known. We ordered some crabs, prawns and vegetables. The food was satisfactory. Price is reasonable. Before leaving, we also tried the much publicized home-made ice cream just outside the restaurant.  Emm…. not that bad but a bit pricey.

Weng Yin Restaurant

By the time we reached Lexis Hibiscus Resort, it was already 3.00 pm. So it was time to check-in. There was a long queue as it was holiday season.

As our Premium Pool Villas are quite a distance from the lobby, we had to take the buggy to bring us there. The room is big, spacious and clean. It looks well maintained with a small swimming pool, suitable only for kids and a sauna room. Immediately the kids went into the pool to play with their newly bought swimming attire and floats. The water is clean. Guess Kayden must be first time going into a pool. He was whining and refused to get into the water despite putting on a float!    

You can’t swim in the pool, only can play water!

At around 5.30 pm, we walked around the beach to let the kids play on the sand while we were busy clicking away our hand phones and were waiting to catch the beautiful sunset. Well, we were not disappointed as the sunset was stunningly beautiful.


This pose is nice.

This pose is also nice!

But this one is the best!

Monkey king pose!

Happy family

Cute Kimi-kim

Cheeky Kayden

Kayden is big now

Pretty Kim

A family photo

A pose for all the ladies while the sun is sinking

Dinner was at the Hibiscus Walk at the beach side. There were a lot of hotel guests. There’s even a live band performing at the Walk. However, the food was beyond our expectation. This swanky resort is very vibrant and happening! After dinner, we strolled along the beach while enjoying some hotel guests doing zumba at the beach organized by the resort.

Then we chilled out at the Sky Lite Bar at the 11th floor enjoying the performance of a live band from Philippines at the same time getting some night view of the Hibiscus design resorts from the 11th floor.

At the Sky Lite Bar

Night view of the Hibiscus design villa from the 11th floor

In front of the resort lobby, beuatifully decorated to usher in Christmas


Day 2

After breakfast, we rented a multi-cyclist bicycle and an electric scooter to move around the hibiscus shaped designed resorts. The rental is RM 50 for ½ hour. This resort is supposed to simulate the water bungalows in Maldives. Well, you do get some Maldivian feel except in Maldives, the water below the water bungalow is crystal clear, but here it is murky! After that we tried out archery. Looks like everyone is a rookie! Most of the arrows ended up outside the target. I even got one hitting the zinc wall!

Kim and Kayden were very excited to ride this multi-cycle

Lovely couple on a pink vespa!

Abang adik on Vespa

This photo reminds me of the days when I used to fetch the 3 of them on my cupcai and round the garden in Kuantan

Then we drove to Country Home Restaurant at Lukut for lunch.  This time we had prawns, clams and steamed red grouper fish as main dish. Price is cheap compared to Johor Bahru. After lunch, we visited the Regina Mall Port Dickson. This Mall is quite deserted with not many patrons. We decided to go for bowling this time. Everyone got into action, some obviously were first timer as the ball kept going into the drain! At the end, WJ came out top! Then it was karaoke session. Everyone was trying their best to ‘croak’ out their best numbers! Lol!


Then we proceeded to the beach at Teluk Kemang to catch the sunset while the kids still could play the sand. We hung on until around 7.00 pm before going back to hotel. This time we ordered room service food for dinner. Everyone gathered at Xin’s room. We had a great time together!

Kayden’s favourite, ice-cream!

Father and daughter

super cute Kayden

Silhouette of Kayden against the dimming sky

Love this photo

Day 3

After breakfast, the kids again jumped into the pools to enjoy. This time Xin and WH also joined in. We checked out at 11.00 am. After that we headed to Lukut again for lunch. This time we went to Lucky King Bun for lunch. Apparently this restaurant is famous for its giant bun with pork-rib curry gravy and dong bo rou (东波肉, type of stewed pork). 

After lunch, we fetched Vvy and SY to KLIA2 to continue their holiday to Seoul while WJ and Xin they all went straight home ending our 3D2N family bonding trip.

On the way back to JB

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