Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, Desaru Fruit Farm Day tour March, 2019

Vvy and SY came back from Singapore for weekend holidays. So we decided to go to Kota Tinggi to visit the crocodile farm.

We set-off at around 8.30 am without having our breakfast as we intended to take our breakfast at Kiang Kee Bakuteh  Restaurant at Kota Tinggi.

When we arrived there at around 10.00 am, it was crowded with a lot of patrons waiting to savor the famous baktukteh. We waited for about 10 minutes before we could get a table. Well, this was not our first time here. Of course the baktuteh tasted good else there wouldn’t be so many people willing to queue up. The rich aroma of the herbs is just too hard to resist. The tender and luscious velvety pork ribs are just too tempting. It’s little wondered that it’s bewitching and is a crowd favorite. The pork belly is heavily spiced with pepper. It is succulent and piquant.    

Very crowded with gastronomist

A pose of Kim with Ah Ma after the meal 

Satisfied with the food, it’s time to go back to hp again!

After breakfast, we headed to Johor Old Town which is another 30 minute drive to the crocodile farm. Entrance fee is RM 8.00 for adult and RM 4.00 for children above 2 years old & below 12.

Kim was still in sleeping mode!

Still waiting for Kim to wake up!

Crocodile skeletons displayed in front of the entrance

There was a guide taking us around and explaining to us the habitat of the crocodiles. In fact, we didn’t know a lot of the things he told us like the lifespan of crocodiles can be more than 200 years! In the crocodile farm, there are many of the crocodiles which are older than 155 years! Crocodiles need to be fed once or twice a week depending on the age. They are fed with chickens. Each crocodile consumes around 3 to 5 chickens per meal. Actually crocodiles are very shy reptiles. Their eye sights are not good. As the eyes are located at the side of the head, they can’t see the front. They fight using their heads and the injured part will slowly heal by itself.  Crocodiles are very strong and hardy animals. They don’t fall sick, so it’s very easy to rear crocodiles. You don’t need to feed them with antibiotics.  Oh, this tour was very informative to us.

Like dogs, crocodiles also open up their mouths to dissipate the heat in times of hot weather

An albino crocodile

A tailless crocodile

At the end of the tour, we tried the herbal crocodile meat soup and some crocodile meat satay. I find that there’s nothing special about these dishes.

Crocodile meat satay: RM 1 per stick 

Crocodile herbal soup: RM 30 per bowl 

The crocodile herbal soup claims to be beneficial to respiratory illness

The crocodile proprietor claimed that they don’t sell or slaughter any crocodile for profit. The meat is imported from Borneo.  There are more than 1000 crocodiles in the farm. They keep them as pets. I am a bit doubtful as the maintenance of the farm is not cheap.  Well, it’s up to anyone’s guess.

Taking some photos before leaving

At the vicinity of the restaurant

A pose for the young & lovely couple

Kim was extremely fascinated by this disuse ATV displayed at the restaurant

baby crocodiles displayed at the counter of the farm entrance 

Crocodile egg. Notice the cracked lines? The egg was cracked by the crocodile itself.

A pose before departing

View of Johor River

We left at around 1.30 pm and proceeded to Desaru Fruit Farm. We had some fruits at the canteen area. This fruit farm is very popular among the Singaporeans as several of the Singapore MediaCorp artists visited this place and was broadcast in the TV programs. There are a lot of photos to testify this. Besides taking a tour in a lorry to visit the farm, now they have added ATV for those more adventurous visitors to drive on their own to see the farm.

Kim was more interested in this newly added ATV

A lot of local fruits are sold in this farm

Savor some local fruits at the canteen of the farm

You may take this lorry to tour the farm

Then we headed to the newly open water theme park. There were very few cars parked at the car park. The distance from the car park to the main entrance wasn’t near also. The weather was too hot and we didn’t intend to enter the water theme park. So we left. We also wanted to have a look at Hard Rock Hotel. But we couldn’t find the entrance.  Just saw the back of the hotel. In the end, we didn’t go searching and we ended up visiting Sand & Sandals Hotel. We just walked along the beach to enjoy the sea breeze. There were not many people there. Actually, our local beach is also comparable to the beaches in Vietnam or Thailand except that there’s not much activity being organized.

At Sand and Sandal Hotel Desaru

The sun is too bright for Kim to open her eyes!

A wefie at Desaru Beach

The beautiful beach at Sand & Sandal Hotel Desaru

At around 3.00 pm, we left Desaru for home via the Senai Desaru Expressway.

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