Pulau Kukup day tour CNY 2019

It was the second day of Chinese New Year. Everyone was free. So we decided to visit Pulau Kukup, an island near to the coast of Pontian which was in the limelight recently due to some controversial issue regarding the status of the Island. Actually we had been to island many years ago.

From Taman Gaya, we drove to Kukup. It was slightly more than an hour drive. WJ was in the driver’s seat. We reached the jetty at around 11.30 am. It was quite crowded.

This is the main jetty at Kukup. Boat to Kukup is at the right side of the jetty building

Immediately we took a fishing boat across the sea to the island. It was just a five minutes journey. Obviously the boat was overcrowded. The sign board shows 12 passengers only, but there were easily more than 20 of us. Maybe it was just a short journey that nobody cares. Moreover the sea was very calm. The boat navigated through some kelongs where the fishermen rear fish.

This is the boat we took to Pulau Kukup

Kim was excited in the boat

A group selfie in the boat

View of Kukup town from the boat

Reaching Pulau Kukup

After disembarked from the boat, we rushed to the counter to purchase  the entrance tickets. Entrance fee is MYR 5.00 for adults, MYR 3 for senior citizen. For foreigners, it is MYR 20 for adults. Children below 3 are free.

Jetty at Pulau Kukup

WJ was busy taking photos

The washroom is located at the far end of the jetty

Kim likes to pose!

Another shot for Kim

Kayden with Gong-gong

Then we started our walking tour through the wetland with almost 100% mangrove swamps.  Do not expect any sandy swimmable beach at this island! There are some rest shelters for tired legs and also some viewing towers for you to enjoy a better view of the mangrove forests. We climbed up the observation tower to have a panoramic view of the island.

First stop for taking photo

At the highest level of the observation tower with  a canopy of tree leaves at the back

A selfie at the observation tower

On the way, we saw some monkeys, mud-skippers, tree climbing crabs and also an iguana.   Of course  there are  different species of birds at the park. As compared to our previous trip, the cleanliness of the island has improved even though one could still see some trash here and there. The authority concerned should put up some sign board to inform visitors to keep and take back the trash in order to keep the Park clean and tidy since they don’t provide trash bins at the park.  There are washrooms available at the entrance as well as inside the park. There some spots creatively built for visitors to take pictures. On the way back, we spotted some egret birds standing on the tree trunks.

A nice spot to take photo


Take turn to take photo. Lol!

Taking a rest

It was a sunny day with blue sky. As the scorching sun was taking a toll on us, so we spent about 2 hours at the park. It is worth a visit especially wetland nowadays are scarce due to massive development.

Note: Boat fee one way is MYR 5.00   

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