Royal Caribbean – Voyager of the Sea 4D3N Singapore – Penang Cruise December 2018

Day 1

It’s family bonding  time again. We opted for the Royal Caribbean sea cruise because none of us had been on board of a cruise ship!

This is the cruise ship we took.                                 Courtesy of Royal Caribbean website

This year we have a new member of the Lim family, Kayden to join the trip. Altogether, there were 9 of us including one baby, Kayden and one toddler, Kimberly!

After breakfast, we drove to Santorini, Tampines Singapore to meet up with Xin and WH before we took a cab and grab car to Marina Bay Cruise Centre to board the cruise.

At the Marina Bay Cruise Centre waiting for the other members to arrive

Excited Kim on the way to immigration

Immigration was smooth and fast. Soon we were on board of the 311m long with 15 decks ship which could accommodate 2000 over passengers and more than 1000 crews! Everybody was excited as this was our first time on board of the big vessel.

One pose before boarding the cruise ship

On the way to the cabin

Inside the cabin

The bunk bed was set up later on

On the way to the restaurant

Grand and majestic restaurant on deck 3

Windjammer Restaurant at Deck 11

Wide selection of cuisines at this restaurant

liquor are sold in USD

However, we were all disappointed and felt a bit let down after checking in even with plenty of food on board to satisfy the gastronomy of the passengers. There were more than 2000 passengers from over 20 nations on board. Everywhere you go, be it meal time or cruise facilities, you need to queue up and the queue could be quite long! There are many facilities on board: mini pool, sauna, spa, basket- ball court, jogging track, flow rider, gymnasium, theatre, mini golf course, cinema, ice-skating ring, rock climbing, games arcade etc.

Marina Bay viewed from the ship

Family photo on board

They also organized activities like zumba, most sexy man in the cruise and Bollywood night. So for the first day, we just observed only, didn’t try any of the facilities.

After lunch, we explored all the places and facilities in the cruise ship.

Decoration to usher in Christmas soon

Dinner at Sapphire Restaurant on Deck 5

At night, we went for the Ice Odyssey dance show with Cruise Director Ms Michelle from Brazil as host.   The host was awesome with good entertaining skills and rapport from the audience. The show itself was fabulous and entertaining. It was a good performance with dancers coming from different countries like Russia, Canada, USA, Romania and Japan!

Host Michelle from Brazil

After the show, we walked around before chilling out at the disco on deck 12 while the ship was heading to Penang.

Live band performing every night on Deck 5

Some performace at the Promenade at Deck 5

Mom was too sleepy to enjoy the music!

Day 2

At around 2.00 pm, we arrived at Port Swettenham Penang.

View of Penang City from the cruise ship

Only 4 of us WH, Xin, Vvy and I decided to disembark. The moment we went down to the pier, there were a lot of taxis and tour vans waiting outside looking for potential passengers! We casually asked one cab driver the fare from the pier to Gurney Drive which is about 3.4 km away. The fare was RM 30! From Google map we checked, it only took 6 minutes to reach. Of course we didn’t take. At the end, we decided to walk to Penang Road which is about 2.6 km away as walking is the best way to explore a place. The weather was cloudy and gloomy but it didn’t rain. On the way, we passed by Love Lane, the famous vibrant street for backpackers with a lot of budget hotels, lodges and bars. We also stopped by the Goddess of Mercy Temple Penang to seek good health and prosperity. After about 30 minute walk, we finally reached the famous Penang Teochew Cendol. We had cendol, Penang white curry and ‘rojak’. Feeling not satisfied, especially Vvy, we continued to look for oyster omelets’ which was suggested by him. Too bad, it was sold out! So we had to settle with Penang Cha Koay Teow(Fried flat noodles)!

St Georges Church

One shot on the way to Penang Road

At Goddess Mercy Temple

At Grand Swiss Hotel,Chulia Street Penang 

The authentic taste of this white curry noodles cannot be found anywhere in Johor Bahru!


Long queue to buy the cendol

We were back to the pier by 5.00 pm.

A few photos before boarding the ship

Entrance to the Swettenham Pier Penang

This time it was much better as many of the cruise guests were not back to the ship yet. Those on board were also busy with their handsets as there was no wifi and no telecommunication signal during cruising.

 Juan and mom they all had already tried out rock-climbing as there were no more queue as many of them were in Penang Island. We also got to enjoy some of the facilities without long queue!

Kim is playing golf!

Family photo on board

Vvy tried the rock climbing

Kim & Kayden enjoying themselves in the playroom

Even dinner also no need to line up! We began to like the cruise with all the friendly and passionate staffs from many countries like Indonesia, India, Philippines and China!

Waiting for the other  members before going for dinner

At night, we went for the Music in Picture show. It was another fantastic performance worth every minute.

After the show, we had a drink and enjoyed the solo piano performance at the Schooner Bar.

At the Schooner Bar

The two of them played in the room with their parents while we were out in the bar!

Later we took part in the line dance with hundreds of others on deck 5 while the ship slowly left Penang!

Line dance

Day 3

Today was pure cruising back to Singapore again.  Of course we didn’t miss the chance to enjoy the facilities on board and the sea breeze on deck.

Smart Kayden and pretty Kim at the gymnasium while we had our workout at the treadmill

At night, we went for the juggling show. Again, it wasn’t a let-down with songs in between the juggling acts by David Dimuzio from America. He is not only a world champion funniest juggler, he is also a singer. He rendered a Chinese number during the show. We definitely enjoyed very much of the show with his hilarious talk! Actually you can also view a lot of his juggling show in Youtube! Host Ms Michelle was joking about PCD(Post Cruise Depression)  as this was the last night on board! The next day, all would be leaving and back to reality after 3 days of dine, leisure and sleep on board.  And many of the guests would be putting on weight when they go back! After the show, we went for our dinner and know what? The waiters and waitress also sang songs to bid farewell to all the diners!

The waiters and waitress bidding goodbye to all the diners!

We also joined in the farewell party on deck 5. Ms Michelle was there again as the host. Everybody let the hair down and joined the party with songs of the 70s. The boisterous crowd danced and grooved with the mucis. The party went on until wee hour!

It’s party time!

Day 4

After breakfast, it was time to bid fare well.  I really felt a bit of PCD as for the last 3 days, we were just like a big family especially with all the waiters and waitress. Finally we disembarked at around 8.30 am and headed back to Tampines ending our 4D3N enjoyable and memorable cruise on board of the Voyager of the Sea!

At Tampines swimming pool

 P/S: True enough, I put on 1 kg after the trip!

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