Kuantan 3D2N nostalgic tour 2018

Day 1

Arrived at Vistana Hotel, Kuantan at around 10.30 am from Johor Bahru after a 4 ½ hour drive via Mersing. We tried to check-in but were not able to because the hotel was fully booked and check-in time was supposed to be 2.00 pm. So we drove to our previous house in Kuantan to have a look. Actually Kuantan has changed a lot. The town has become quite congested. Houses are built everywhere. The last time we visited Kuantan was in 2007 when we sold our house.  We then drove to Teluk Cempedak and Taman Gelora. But we didn’t get down the car.  

Kim is fascinated with the swimming pool

Hanging bridge at the back of the hotel

We were back to the hotel at around 12.00 pm. Wei Juan and family went to East Coast Mall while we went to attend a wedding reception at the same hotel. Surprisingly the food served was good. And we had some wonderful time meeting up with old friends.

Wedding reception of Raymond Ong & Lim Hui Teng at Vistana Hotel

At around 5.00 pm, we were out again to Taman Gelora. This time we visited the mini zoo at Taman Gelora. Many years ago, we used to visit this mini zoo with the kids. It was free of charge. Now they charge RM 2.00 per adult and RM 1.00 per child. Kim really enjoyed feeding the rabbits. 

At Taman Gelora mini zoo

Kim is excited with the buffalo

Kayden is scared of ostrich!

Kim was so fascinated and excited to feed the rabbits

A candid shot by Juan

Kayden with Ah Ma

Now is Ah Gong’s turn to selfie with Kayden

Then we headed to Pantai Gelora to let the kids play with the sand. It was low tide. We could walk quite far from the beach. We also got the chance to catch the sunset!

A group photo first before getting dark

Some shots taken by Juan using his Nikon camera


Kim is enjoying the lollypop

Sunset at Pantai Gelora

Silhouette of Kim against the dimming sky

Now is Kayden’s turn

Any difference ? This photo was taken by Juan using Nikon camera

At around 7.00 pm, we went to Air Putih to meet up with Ms Chew and family. We had dinner at one of the restaurants in Air Putih. Mr & Mrs Wee and son Benson together with Ms Hui also turned up for this mini reunion after we left Kuantan more than 20 over years ago! We had a great time sharing experience. From daddy and mommy now we all have become grandpa and grandma!

Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, we brought the kids to the pool at the ground floor. Kim had a good time playing water in the pool while I brought Kayden to the gym to play around as the pool is not suitable for him.

Kim & Kayden enjoying themselves at the pool

Kim was making friends with the other kids at the pool because she was attracted by their toy!

Kayden at the gym

We then visited Mrs Wee’s house at Sri Kuantan.

Hands-on plucking rambutans at Mrs Wee’s house

We then had cendol and some kueh at a famous restaurant in Air Putih for lunch. The cendol tasted good and marvelous, so were the pulut bakar and curry puffs.

Simple lunch at Air Putih

Mrs Wee and son Benson

One photo for remembrance before we parted

After lunch, we proceeded to Pantai Batu Hitam and Beserah to explore. These are all our frequently visit places during our stay in Kuantan.  The beach and scene didn’t change much except the chalet at Batu Hitam was closed down already. Beserah is the beach where we used to snorkel and catch lobster during our younger days! The weather was very hot, so we didn’t stay too long. We just want to see how much the places have changed.

Batu Hitam beach

Beserah beach

In the evening, we were back at Teluk Cempedak again. This time we got down from the car and let the kids play at the beach.

Sister and brother playing sand at the beach


Two candid shots by Juan

I walked along the white and pristine sandy beach towards the far end of the beach, feeling nostalgic as I used to walk along the beach almost every week end when I was staying in Kuantan! This is also the beach I used to bring the kids to play sand.  I really love beaches.

Clean and beautiful beach

Mom and Juan then joined in and we walked to the beach next to Teluk Cempedak. Actually, we used to hike up the small hill to go over to the other beach. But now there is a bridge linking the two beaches. You could also walk along the beach to the other side.

The trail to the other beach was gone. It was replaced by this bridge

Mother and son

The bridge linking the two beaches

Walking back long the beach because of low tide

At night, mom went to meet up with her former colleagues while we had dinner at 888 Food Court near our hotel.

Waiting for food at the 888 Food Court

Day 3

After breakfast at around 9.30 am, we checked-out and heading for Johor Bahru. On the way, we stopped at Tanjung Lumpur to have a look at the changes. We also stopped at Tanjung Gemuk jetty, a jetty which caters for travellers going to Tioman Island from Pahang. The ferry service from Tanjung Gemuk to Tioman island is not frequent compared to Mersing.

Tanjung Gemuk jetty

Very quiet at the jetty because no ferry trip to Tioman at that time

We had lunch at Kota Tinggi and reached Johor Bahru at around 3.00 pm, ending our 3D2N trip to Kuantan.

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