Pulau Ketam ½ day tour 2018

Arrived at Damansara Utama at 11.30 am after a 4-hour drive from Johor Bahru to fetch Vvy for our short trip Pulau Ketam, the Crab Island.  After another 45-minute drive, we arrived at the South Port Ferry Terminal at Port Klang. We parked our car at Commuter Train Station. (MYR 4.00 per entry).

Port Klang commuter train station

Ferry terminal Port Klang

A post before boarding the ferry

We bought our ferry tickets from Alibaba Pulau Ketam Cruise at MYR 18 per return trip.

Very comfortable air conditioned ferry

It was another 45 minutes boat ride before we reached our destination at Pulau Ketam. On the way, you could only see mangrove swamps and ‘kelongs’, man-made enclave to farm fish. There is no beautiful beach or other scenery.

Arrived at the jetty of Pulau Ketam

Notice the muddy beach? You can see a lot of tiny crabs and mud skippers

When we reached Pulau Ketam, it was well over lunch hour. We were so hungry that we didn’t go round looking for restaurants. So we just had our lunch at the nearest restaurant, i.e Restoran Kuai Lok Hian. Actually we found out later that there are many other seafood restaurants in Pulau Ketam which are cheaper than this one! Anyway, the food was good and well-cooked except a bit pricy.

Lunch was at this restaurant, the first restaurant you see on arrival.

4 dishes cost MYR 163.00

After lunch, we walked along the roads in Pulau Ketam to see what is so special about Pulau Ketam. There are a lot of homestays and small hotels. There isn’t any beach which you can swim. They are all muddy beach. Here you can rent electric motorcycle to roam around the island. Anyway, we didn’t stay long as there’s not much to explore; just some shops and a Chinese temple.

Walking along the narrow roads of Pulau Ketam

Narrow street of Pulau Ketam

The only Chinese temple in this island

Kim is always fascinated when you take her out for excursion!

On the way back to ferry terminal at Pulau Ketam

Boarding the ferry again

At 4.30 pm, we took the return ferry back to Port Klang and on our way to Damansara to check into Sofitel Damansara. Then we went to the third floor to have a dip in the swimming pool.

A happy Kim-kim in the pool

Dinner was at Nizza Restaurant, a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant at 3rd floor to celebrate Vvy’s birthday.

3 dishes cost MYR 165 after 33.3 % discount for Accorplus members

Vvy made a wish on his birthday

After a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel, we went to DC Mall next to the hotel. It’s not a big mall, but caters more for high end customers. Most of the shops were not opened yet. So we didn’t stay long. At around 11.30 am, we checked out to go back to Johor Bahru.

A post for Kim at hotel lobby before leaving the hotel

We stopped at Yong Peng for lunch.

Don’t forget to order the tasty pickled guava

Yong Peng is famous for its fu zhou noodles. So we had noodles at Ping Fook Restaurant, Jalan Besar,  Yong Peng before heading for home.


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