A visit to Malacca Zoo

Day 1

It’s holiday again and this is the first holiday for Kimberly since she entered nursery school. So we decided to bring her to Malacca Zoo.

We started our trip at around 9.00 am and after two stops at Machap and Pagoh, we finally arrived at the Malacca Zoo at 12.00 pm. Actually I had visited this zoo more than 20 years ago with Kimberly’s dad, Juan and Gugu, Xin.

At Machap R & R. Kim was in a cheerful mood!

With Ah Ma

With Ah Gong

Never miss a chance to play with slide wherever she goes!

Parking was a big headache as there weren’t enough parking lots. So we went round searching for a place to park.

Finally we got one which was quite a distance from the entrance at the Dataran Merdeka. Immediately we bought the tickets and went in. As it was lunch hour, we just bought some burgers to grab for a quick bite. The food tasted horrible!

First photo at the zoo

Slide again!

Not a very big zoo

Then we went to the tram station as it would be easier for us to see the animals by taking the tram. We thought that the tram would be like the Singapore Zoo which you can hop-on and hop-off as you like. Alas, this tram only goes one round without stopping at any stop. So finally we still had to walk from one place to another place to have a closer look at the animals!

Even rabbits also fascinated her!

Waiting for the tram.

She loves giraffe!

The simple tram we took

The shy porcupines

Her favorite animal, elephant!

The gorilla

The sun bear

The tigers!

The weather was too hot, so had to bring umbrella!

After about 3 hours at the zoo, we decided to leave the zoo and went to Hatten Place to check into the hotel.

Checking-in the hotel

At Element Mall, almost deserted as most of the shops are not open yet

After checking-in, immediately we walked around the area to look for something to fill our stomach. Alas, most of the shops were closed. Finally we got one Japanese restaurant, Amigo nearby.

Then we walked back to the hotel again as it’s time to go for a swim at the hotel pool. This is what Kim is looking forward to!

Getting ready to go for a swim at the pool

This infinity pool is at the 13th floor. It is very small yet very crowded with hotel guests! We didn’t stay long as it was very cold. Kim was shivering!

At the gym on the same floor as the swimming pool

At night we had our dinner at the Element Mall which was partially open. The noodles were very salty to taste! But we had no other choice as we were too tired and lazy to drive to other places to look for food!

Very salty noodles

Kim will never want to miss the chance of playing at the amusement park at the 10th floor

Oh dear! She discovered this ice-cream kiosk after dinner!

Big cone of Japanese ice-cream

Chilling out at the Coffeevine on the ground floor of the hotel

Day 2

We woke up late in the morning to have our breakfast as we didn’t have any itinerary for the morning.


Ready to go back to JB

After a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel cafeteria, we checked-out and headed back to Johor Bahru.


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