Singapore Zoo, Santorini Tampines 2017 2D1N tour

We got up early in the morning. The sky was dark and gloomy. However it didn’t deter us from changing our plan of visiting the Singapore Zoo. So after a simple breakfast, we were on our way to Singapore Zoo at Mandai Road. Kim was really excited about this trip as she loves animals. From Waze we searched last night, it was 18 km away and should take around 34 minutes to reach. But after an hour, we were still at EDL, still hadn’t entered the Malaysian Immigration! As usual there was a massive jam at the causeway!

Stuck at the jam on the way to the zoo…

After a stressful 2 hours jam, we finally reached the zoo at around 10.00 am. My daughter, Xin was already there to meet us. There were not many visitors as it was a working day. Immediately we went in as Xin had already bought the tickets online inclusive of tram rides. (S$28 + S$5; 15% discount for Singaporean and PR; 5% discount for non-citizens if booked online) It was free for Kim as she is still under 3 years old.

One snapshot before entering the zoo

We walked for a while and we decided to board the tram at the tram stop 3. Taking a tram to visit the zoo is the best way especially if you have kids as you can always hop on and off at any of the tram station with unlimited rides. We stopped at all the tram stations and walked around to get a close glimpse of the animals. All together we managed to see three shows, the elephants at work & play show, the rainforest fights back show and lastly the interaction with the polar bears show.  Too bad it was drizzling so we could not visit every area of the zoo.

The first ‘animal’ to greet us at the zoo!

A convenient way to visit the zoo, take the tram!

Kim likes to take tram. She always said it’s train!

A selfie in the tram

Elephants at work and play show

The rainforest fights back show

Interaction with the polar bear. Do you know that a newly born polar bear weighs only 350g and it can grow to 1000kg!

Kim was sweating even though the weather was not hot that day!

When she is lazy to walk, she will tell you a lot of cars. If you tell her there is no car around, she will say a lot of people. When you tell her  there are not many people around, she will tell you the floor is slippery! So smart or so shrewd?

We left at around 4.00 pm and headed to WH & Xin’s new condominium at 33, Santorini Tampines. They had just moved in last month and we had not been there before. It is a beautiful and well- designed condominium. We had a short rest before we went down to explore the facilities there.

At the entrance of Santorini Condominium, Tampines


Kim was so happy at Gugu’s condo.

Getting ready to go for dinner

At night WH took us to Ichiban Sushi Restaurant at Changi City Mall. The Japanese food was simply marvelous and great!  Even Kim also enjoyed the sumptuous dinner! We retired early to bed as we had a tiring day at the zoo.

Dinner time

We woke up early in the morning. Feeling energized, we decided to go for a swim at the swimming pool. We swam for about half an hour as the water was cold and Kim was shivering from the cold. We headed to Tampines Hub for breakfast cum lunch!

Ready to go for a swim

Food court at Tampines Hub

Waiting for breakfast!

We left at around 2.00 pm for Johor Bahru bringing back unforgettable memory for Kim. She slept all the way home!


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