Down the memory lane – California, San Francisco, Las Vegas & Los Angeles US 2012 Tour

Waiting for boarding at KLIA, going to San Francisco by Eva Air, Taiwan.

Transit at Tao Yuan International Airport, Taipei

One interesting point about this airport is that there is a theme at every departure gate.

The theme for this departure gate is postal service in Taiwan

Seafood buffet dinner at one of the Japanese Restaurant in San Francisco

Outside the Japanese Restaurant

Notice the colourful flag at the window? It tells you that the resident is LGBT

At Fort Point to get a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge. Weather was not so good, quite misty and hazy.

A residential area with the most winding road in US.

At China Town, San Francisco

At Pier 39 waiting to board a local cruise.

On board the cruise to get a glimpse of the sea seals

Seals resting on the platform specially made to attract them to shore

Golden Gate Bridge viewed from the river cruise

On the way to Las Vegas

Train with more than 100 coaches is very common in US

This limousine for VVIP is very common in casinos in Las Vegas

At one of the hotels in Las Vegas

All casinos have their own theme

Another hotel cum casino in LV

Huge screen on the roof of the shopping complex at Las Vegas

Visit to the Premium Outlet

On the way to the Grand Canyon, stopped over at Arizona desert

Toilet stop at Arizona desert

Entrance to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Arizona

Grand Canyon, USA

A visit to Lake Havasu, which is famous for the replica of London Bridge at the Lake Havasu

Bought a set of commenorative coins

Met up with Mom’s ex-secondary school class-mate Frankie Lee  from Mentakab after 33 years.

At Frankie’s house at Irvine, Orange county. California.

Of course we didn’t miss the chance of visiting the happiest land on earth: Disneyland California!

Disneyland, Anaheim, California

Christmas is near….

Universal Studio Hollywood

Santa Monica Beach 

Bought the new 4S iPhone at its first launch in the US here.

At the Pier, Santa Monica for our sea-food lunch.

At Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, home to many of the Hollywood film stars.

At the Farmer’s Market


Madame Tussauds Hollywood

With Margaret Ling, another member of our tour group

At Dorothy Chandler Pavillion


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