Marina Bay Sands, Garden by the Bay 2D1N 2016 getaway


After breakfast, we drove down south to Singapore for a 2D1N visit! Immigration clearance was smooth at  both check-points. Soon we were on our way to Archipelago Apartment Bedok, Singapore where Xin and Wei Hor are staying. Actually we didn’t know the route to their place. We had to depend on the GPS in our car. However, as the apartment where they are staying is still new, we couldn’t key-in the exact address. We could only key in Bedok Reservoir Road.

Alamak, this road is real long! When we reached the Bedok Reservoir Road junction, we didn’t know whether to turn left or right. So we took a gamble. We took the left turn. In the end, it proved us wrong! We had to ask twice to try to locate the apartment.

Finally we reached our destination after several search! Xin and WH were already at the car park to greet us.

After a short rest, we headed to the famous Beach Road Noodle House, East Coast Road, Katong to try the well-known prawn noodles. As I am allergic to prawn, I opted for pork rib noodle. Alas, the soup is also made from prawns! We also ordered goh hiang lo bak(五香)。 This restaurant is very famous as you can see a long queue waiting to order. However it is quite hot as this restaurant is not air-conditioned. About the food, I would say not bad, as the noodle soup is thick and with fresh prawn aroma! [1 jumbo bowl costs S$ 10.80] The prawn noodles came with 3 big fresh prawns! And the pork-rib portion is also quite large. Should have ordered for a medium or small bowl. In fact, I requested for a small one. But WH ordered the jumbo bowl!

Long queue …

Very crowded with no air conc.

After lunch, we proceeded to Marina Bay Sands. This is my first visit to MBS. We walked around and of course didn’t forget to take some photos. After some walking, we ended up in the casino and we decided to try some luck at the Big Small table! Just change a minimum S$ 50 token and we told ourselves win or lose we would go. So we bet on Big. Some gamblers followed as they saw us as rookies trying out luck there. It turned out to be Big! And we won S$ 50! We left as planned! Moreover the air inside is unhealthy. It’s full of cigarette smoke! Quite surprise to find a lot of Bangladeshi at the Casino to try out their luck with their hard-earned money!

There’s an ice skating ring inside MBS

A water canal inside MBS

MBS hotel lobby

Then we walked to Garden by the Bay. The weather was scotching hot. After hanging there for a while, we took the shuttle buggy back. It costs us S$3.00 per pax. It took only around 5 minutes to go back to the hotel.

At the China Garden, MBS

In the evening, we went for a swim at the apartment swimming pool. The pool is clean and quite big by apartment standard.

Swimming pool at Archepelago Condominium

Dinner was at the Royal Thai Restaurant nearby. But the dishes didn’t turn out to be what we had expected.   After dinner, we walked to Sheng Siong Supermarket to buy some grocery.

The next morning we had roti canai for breakfast at the mamak restaurant nearby. After that we took a bus to DBS at Beduk Mall to get some chores done before heading back to Johor Bahru!

Taking bus to Bedok

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