Summer Bay Resort Lang Tengah Island, Kuala Terengganu 4D3N 2017

Having been to Perhentian Island & Redang Island, it’s time to visit Lang Tengah Island. The three islands are all near to each other off the coast of Terengganu State.

Day 1

Arrived at KLIA2 airport from Senai International Airport at around 9.30 am. Had to walk around 20 minutes to reach our departure gate at K14 to Kuala Terengganu. On the way, we had our breakfast at Little Café. Actually there is no other choice at terminal K as this is the only café available.

We arrived at Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu at 12.30 pm.

Sultan Mahmud Airport KT

At the arrival hall

Mr Azman from Summer Bay Resort was there to pick us up. It’s another 20 minutes ride to Kuala Terengganu town to check into Mingstar Hotel. We could not go straight to the island as the ferry left at 9.00 am in the morning. So we had to put up a night in KT.

After a short rest, we started to explore KT town. Actually we had been here about 10 years ago when we went to Redang Island. We walked to Pasar Payang, hoping to get some fruits. But we were delighted to find durians near to the market. So we stopped for a durian feast. It’s Thai musang king! MYR 20 a kg. I think to all durian sellers, all durians they sell are musang king!

Taste is not that good compared to Musang King from Malaysia

Then we went to Pasar Payang to buy some snacks and proceeded to China Town. Most of the shops in China Town were closed. So we started to walk back again. On the way, we stopped at Hock Kee Seng supermarket to get some drinking water and fruits. Actually we wanted to try the nasi dagang as recommended by the driver at one of the store near to our hotel. But it was closed. So we settled our dinner with fried koay teow.

Turtle eggs are openly sold in this market

Selfie at Chinatown

Iconic arch at Chinatown

After dinner, we walked around the vicinity of the hotel and savored ice-kacang at Uncle Chua Café.

Tasted good

Day 2

Woke up early as we had to go to Merang jetty  at 7.30 am. We had simple breakfast at the hotel. The driver Mr Chua was there to pick us up and we went to the airport first to pick up another 3 passengers before proceeding to Merang Jetty.

Van from Summer Bay Resort

The speed boat left about 10.00 am. The boat ride was about 1 hour.

Merang jetty

Our speed boat

Very kiasi, quickly put on the life jacket. But the 3 Singaporean at the back not only kiasi, lagi kiasu. They were ahead of us!

Arrived at the jetty Lang Tengah Island

A pose before checking in

Snorkelling centre

Checked-in Summer Bay Resorts and we had buffet lunch.

At 2.00 pm, we were ready for our first snorkeling trip around Lang Tengah Island. The snorkeling trip was very well organized as before setting off, a briefing on the safety measures and use of snorkeling set was given to all participants. This was the first  time I had a briefing on this. For my previous trips to other islands, they just gave us the snorkel set and life jackets, that’s all.  We stopped at 2 spots to snorkel.

Ready to go! Gaya mesti ada!

We were back to the resorts at around 4.30 pm. During the snorkeling session, there were life-guards around helping those who don’t know how to swim and also help to pull them to areas where they can enjoy the beautiful corals and fish.  In fact we were delighted to see an abundance of nemo fish around Lang Tengah Island.

At around 5.00 pm, we went to the beach to catch the sunset. Too bad, the weather was not good, so we could not see the sunset.  

This rose apple tree is more than 100 years old!

Beautiful and tranquil island

No sunset only dark clouds

At around 9.00 pm, we walked along the beach trying to get a glimpse of the blue tears. Luck was not with us, we didn’t get to see the blue tears. We already missed once during our visit to Perhentian Island. We came back and relaxed at the Sunset Lounge at the resorts to have a glass of beer.

This is what we are hoping to see. Of course we didn’t get to see this. This beautiful blue tears scene is downloaded from internet!

Day 3

Woke up and had a swim at the swimming pool at the resorts. There were only two of us enjoying the whole pool! After that, we went for breakfast. After breakfast, we hiked behind the resorts trying to cross to the other side of the island to the D’coconut Resort. Alas, we only saw one abandoned resorts, nothing much to see. So we turned back again for fear that we might get lost in the jungle!

At 2.00 pm, it’s time for another snorkeling activity again. This time we snorkeled  for 1 hour near Redang Island.   After that we went to Redang Island for a visit to Redang Laguna Resort where the chinese movie夏日嘛嘛茶 was filmed here. Besides this resort, we also went to Redang Beach Resort and Redang Reef Resort before going back.

At Pulau Redang

After dinner, we walked again to the beach to try our luck catch the blue tears again. This time we had a better luck as we could see some blinking here and there but not like the shown in the photo taken from internet.

Day 4

It’s time to bid goodbye to this beautiful and lovely island. After a sumptuous breakfast, we checked-out the resort and our speed boat departed at 9.00 am.

Snapped another few more photos before departing

Summer Bay Resort van again was there at the jetty to pick us up and dropped us at Chinatown again. As our flight was at 5.00 pm in the afternoon, so we walked to the bus station to take the tourism bus for a city tour. Coincidently, it was museum day, so there was no charge for the tour! Actually our destination was the Crystal Mosque. But we didn’t get down because you need to wait for another 1 ½ hour for the return bus.

The bus driver stopped at this store for us to buy some keropok, but we found that it was that tasty.

So we just took some pictures at a distance from the bus. Then the bus driver stopped for us to buy some local ‘keropok’ on the way back. By 12.30 pm, we were back at the bus station. Then we walked around Chinatown and the waterfront. This time we found the ‘nasi dagang’. So we had it for lunch. At 3.00 pm we were at the pick-up point for our transfer to airport to catch our flight back to KL at 5.20 pm.


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