2016 family outing & Jamie Loh’s wedding

Well, it’s festive season again. Last year our family outing was in Bali. As for this year, coincidently, Jamie Loh was getting married on the eve of Christmas, so we decided the whole family would attend the wedding and had our get together in Penang.

Arrived at Penang International Airport at around 9.20 am. Our hired driver was there to receive us. Soon we were on our way to Penang Road for the famous Penang Road Teochew Cendul and laksa. On the way, we picked up some relatives from Australia,  Ivan, Ivy and Alice who were in Penang too for their holidays.

At the Penang Road Teochew Cendol

The most famous teochew cendol in Penang. Price up 20 cts every year!

Happy moment in the vanAfter that we went to Chew Jetty for a visit. The weather was hot. So we decided to go to Queensbay Mall to do some window shopping as well to feel the festive mood in Penang as the Mall was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

With lao beryi

With Alice

Currently very popular smoke biscuits among youths.
Liquid nitrogen (BP -196 degree C) is bubbled into biscuits. When biscuits are taken out from liquid nitrogen, it turns into vapour giving a sensation of smoke coming out of the biscuits. Mind you, be careful when handling liquid nitrogen as it may cause frostbite!

At around 2.30 pm, we crossed over to Seberang Jaya to check into Light Hotel. We would be attending Jamie’s wedding on the next day at the restaurant near the hotel.

Light Hotel Seberang Jaya

Hotel lobby well decorated for Christmas festival

Cheeky Kimberly

Kimberly with lao soi zhe

With Jeremy Lim

We took a rest at the hotel. At around 6.00 pm, Kenny and Kiang came to fetch us to Jamie’s house at Juru for a buffet dinner. It was a good get together for all the family members. It’s really a rare occasion where most of the family members were there to meet up.

Cousins meeting up. Jing Shan and Kimberly

The elder generation get together at Hui’s house

Kimberly with Harvard Eng

Cheers! Cousins get together at Hui’s house

A group photo at Hui’s house

Breakfast at the hotel

Wedding luncheon was at Hok Mun Restaurant, Seberang Jaya. 

Hok Mun Restaurant where the wedding luncheon was held

Tea ceremony

Kimberly getting ang pow

Group photo at the restaurant

At around 4.00 pm, we were back to Penang Island. We went to Gurney Plaza to do some shopping before having hawker’s food at Gurney Drive.

At Gurney Plaza

At Gurney Drive hawker center

At around 8.30 pm, we were at the airport again to catch our flight back to JB again! At the airport met my students from SMK Taman Daya who were in Penang for their form 5 graduation holidays!

With Shi En, Kah Hui & Chan Li

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