Oceanarium, The Shore; Jonker street, Malacca 1 day trip

Due to 2 of our family members had to go down to Malacca to sit for a public exam, we had to accompany them to Malacca. Actually they could have sat for the exam in Johor Bahru if they had registered earlier!

Arrived at Malacca city around 12.30 pm and it was time for lunch, so we proceeded to Jonker 88, a well known eatery famous for nyonya laksa and cendol at Jonker Street. This is not the first time we have been here for the noodles. The long queue speaks for itself how popular it is among the tourists! We queued up for around 30 minutes before we could savor the famous noodles. But sorry to say that it wasn’t as good as we tasted before.


queenspark hotel

A big bowl of nyonya noodles with some taufu, that’s all. The cendol wasn’t good either. It was really over-rated. Imagine need to queue up for so long and eat in a very unconducive  environment, hot and stuffy, more often than not need to share table with other patrons!

After that, we checked in Queenspark Hotel, a budget hotel in Malacca City. If not because of the exam being held there, we wouldn’t have selected this hotel for our night’s stay! This hotel is situated in a three-storey shop-lots at Malacca Raya. The room is quite spacious, but a bit rundown. No fridge, no hair-dryer are available. Free wifi is provided but it was at a snail speed!

Breakfast is very simple, with fried rice, fried noodles and bread plus tea or coffee. But then what do you expect from a budget hotel, right?

As two of them need to do their last minute reading, we didn’t go out in the afternoon. At night we went to Ole Sayang Nyonya Restaurant for dinner. This restaurant is famous for authentic Malacca nyonya food. However, it was below my expectation. The food was so-so, average I would say. After dinner, we (minus the two exam candidates) went  to the Shore in Malacca City.

We were delighted to note that there is an Oceanarium in this shopping complex. Without hesitation, we bought tickets and went in to explore! And of course we bought the 3D goggles hoping to enjoy seeing ocean creatures swimming around us! It was RM 5 per pair.


Alas, the 3D is only for certain information board display and a few minutes documentary! We were laughing to ourselves why we bought 3. In fact just buy one and share among three of us will suffice.

Honestly I would say it was not bad compared to the Undersea World in Sentosa, Singapore. It is only smaller than the Aquarium in Singapore.

At the entrance, we were given a form to chop at certain junction of the aquarium with yes or no questions asked. It was not bad an idea especially for school children. I also found it amusing and informative! At the end, a gift will be given at the counter after completing all the questionnaires correctly. Sounds good! Actually there are a lot of sea creatures we have not come across or heard before! It’s really amazing to watch these rare sea creatures.

FYI, the entrance fee is RM 28 for adults, RM 15 for children, RM 18 for senior citizens.


Let’s take a virtual journey through the Oceanarium! Let’s go!



trying to put on the 3D goggle

trying to put on the 3D goggle




Hermit crabs

Hermit crabs


Mommy dozing off!






























At the end of the visit, Xin bought some souvenirs at the exit.

Xin bought this mug for me

Xin bought this mug for me

Xin bought this toy for Kimberly

Xin bought this toy for Kimberly

The next day after lunch we checked out and proceeded to Jonker Street again to try the chicken rice balls recommended by Vvy. Oops, I have forgotten the name of this shop. Again queued up for about 15 minutes as it was a week day, so not so crowded. Otherwise it would take around 1 hour in order to get a seat at this restaurant. Mind you, it is also not air-conditioned. Well, the chicken taste better than any of the chicken rice I have tried in Johor Bahru. The meat is juicy, soft and succulent, not so much fat. But I don’t quite like the rice balls. I would prefer they serve just the rice on a plate.

chicken rice


After lunch, we had cendol dessert at San Shu Gong just opposite the chicken rice shop. Yes, this one tastes better than the cendol we had at Jonker 88. The place is also more comfortable.

xin with cendul

Will definitely come again to this place next time when I am in Malacca!


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