1st time at Cardiothoracic update 2015

On 1 fine morning i got a call from Mr Simon, cardiothoracic surgeon HSAJB for a talk at their cardiothoracic update 2015.

I was like “What the? MO giving talk at their update?”

Approached Dr Lee, our HOD cardiology HSAJB and she said that no cardiologists are free on that day so MO to represent.. Wah lao!!

I finally agreed to it.


Finally D-day arrived.. Took me some time to prepare this coz it was my first time to present at this type of talk.

Presenting to colleagues during HO ok la.. Presenting to outsiders at stage was really freaking me out!


Looking at the itinerary, walao.. 1st presenter somemore!


I arrived quite early that day to survey survey first.. haha


Got this bag with the goodies inside..


First time as speaker instead of delegate.. lol



Sitting while waiting to start.. act cool seh!!


Our cardiology pharmacist took a pic of me lol



Our cardiology nurses took some pic as well.. from far..




Using their laser pointer to act pro.. lol





I guess 30 minutes were like 5  minutes.. a while then going to finish liao.. haha

I was allocated 45 minutes to talk but since the event started late so I didn’t wish to further delay.. haha




After my talk I got a token of appreciation from Mr Simon, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon HSAJB.




What’s inside???!! Secret man!!




Before I left, we took lunch at there open area.. From right, Datuk Mr Rahman (HOD & senior consultant cardiothoracic surgeon HSAJB), Dr Nizam (HOD & consultant pediatric cardiologist HSAJB)




It was a great experience for me and I really learnt and appreciated it!

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