My first house!

Has been searching for a house for quite some time.. I felt this is the time to start my own family.. hehe

I know the price of houses are at peak now, but I’m not buying for speculation etc, so I don’t really think it will affect me much

Went to see a number of houses, show houses, got interested with these few..


Taman Gaya Emerald type..

BerylTaman Gaya Beryl type.

Both also Cluster house..

Initially when I just started to search for houses, I only knew double story terrace, Semi-D & bungalow..

I DID NOT know there’s “cluster” LOL

I even Googled for cluster house..

These 2 types sold out quick & I went to see a previously launched cluster house, also at Taman Gaya..

Its a show house selling at RM850k

Most importantly the design sucks double time.. lol

Few days ago Taman Gaya just launched a new Zone called 4B

Type A, B, C & D


Type A, aka Aurora, 35×70

Type B aka Beau, 35×80typeC

Type C aka Chloe 35×90typeD


Type D aka Dresden, 35×90 as well but it is a Semi-D, not cluster house

I have decided to go for Type A for a few very good reasons..

Let me show u the floor plan & u will know why I chose Type A

1st let me show u floor plan for Type A (Cluster house)

type A_G
type A_1

Floor plan for type B (Cluster house)

type B_G
type B_1

Floor plan for type C (Cluster house)

type C_G
type C_1

Floor plan for type D (Semi-D)

type d_G
type d_1

For me, it’s either 35×70 (type A) or 35×80 (Type B) due to budget..

Now if u look at the floor plan carefully,


Pros for Type A

  1. There’s no courtyard for type A
  2. There’s only 1 toilet downstairs for Type A
  3. There’s balcony at the side for upstairs in Type A
  4. Smaller upstairs living area for Type A (I personally think that I wont sit at the living area upstairs that often)
  5. Bigger upstairs room for Type A

Cons for Type A

  1. Smaller wet kitchen for Type A
  2. Shorter car porch for Type A
  3. Maid has to share washroom with the bedroom downstairs
  4. “Looks & sounds” shorter for Type A (70 instead of 80 leh!! LOL)

Now lets see the dimension..

Both types are 35′ in width so the only difference will be the extra 10′ in length..

Now lets see whether the 10′ extra in Type B will make any significant differences..

Type A built in width is 14050 with car porch 7286 while Type B built in is 15350 with car porch 9034

So actually the extra 10′ is mostly in the car porch and the sales person told me that although Type B has a longer car porch, still cannot park 2 cars front & back unless small car.. LOL

So a longer car porch but still cant park car front & back.. whats the point??

And type B has courtyard which I fxxking hate it.. opps..

And the price differ by Rm80k!!

So on the pre-launch day, I went there around 6 something in the morning..

I was working the day before & the sales person told me this “FYI, ppl r q-ing”

I was like “WTF? So early??”

I did not want to Q the whole night so I went back to sleep & only went there 6 something in morning

To my surprise, I was the no 7.. Hahahaha

No 1 came on the day before 9am & Q

No 2 came at 5pm (Owner paid other ppl to Q)

No 3 came at 6pm like that (Owner asked his own worker to Q)

No 4 came at 10pm (Owner paid Rm600 for the security at sales office to Q)

No 5 came at 5am (Owner asked son to Q, owner from Kota Tinggi)

No 6 came at 5.30am (Owner asked his own worker to Q also)

No 7 (me & my wife) came at 6.15am… hahaha

The no 4 owner said “Wasted Rm600 to Q) LOLLL

I still could go dabao McD breakfast and sat there & ate..

until almost 8am only the no 8 appeared..

Then the most shameful no 10 appeared… She came late & wanted to steal no 6 place!!

Walao aunty, please la..


My wife started to kepo-kepo & see the no1-6 gotta buy which unit..

To my surprise, no 1 wanted 35×90, no 2 wanted 35×80 or 90, no 3 wanted 35×80, no 4 wanted 35×70 but afternoon sun =.=, no 5 wanted 35×80 & no 6 wanted 35×90 as well!

Eh, no ppl fight for my house leh.. lol

Daiman sales person started to give the numbers to respective ppl..

We started to go in by 9.30am, started with no 1-5

Then it’s my turn.. Did not ask much coz u scare other ppl snatched the house that u wanted.. lol

Corner & intermediate lot differ by Rm150k.. WTH!!

And finally secured a house that I wanted..


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