Medan Day 1: Brastagi

Booked MAS return ticket almost last minute which cost RM500 per pax, then did a quick research on the local tour and booked Happy Holiday tour which cost Rm500 per pax including hotel.

From JB to KL and KL to Medan both took us 45 minutes each. No proper meal in MAS.

Reached Medan at 8.50am and our driver Uncle Jep took us to tour around Medan.


Our “Kijang” which is actually Toyota Innova!

Our first destination was Maimoon Palace which cost RPH 3000 each.. Nothing much to see actually.. haha

Went in not even half an hour and came out!

Then we went to Tjong Afie mansion..


Tjong Afie was a Chinese businessman who brought development to  Medan, built lots of school and buildings for public!

Admission fees: 35,000 each with a guide


Then we went to Velangkanie Church.. Not very impressive though.. lol



Then we set off from Medan to Brastagi in about 2 hours drive!DSC_0049

The locals are crazy.. “taxi” also can sit on roof..

Stopped by to take our lunch..

It’s kinda buffet type but they served all the food in front of u, and u choose what u want to eat and pay for only for those u ate!DSC_0050

The food were actually like Malaysian food.. nothing special..

Then went to Lumbini Park.. actually a Buddhist temple with a park but we did not go inside to explore it..

Coz it’s gonna rain!!DSC_0051

Took some pictures and chiao~~DSC_0054

By the way, lots of local Indonesian.. Indo-Chinese who spoke Mandarin like China people and spoke Bahasa like Indonesian.. hahaDSC_0056

Then we went to Gundaling to see the volcano mountain.. too bad it’s cloudy and visibility reduced!DSC_0064 DSC_0076

Medan is quite famous for these type of “taxi-bus”.. Where u can hop in and  out at the place u want.. no door..

Then we stopped by local fruit market before heading to our Hotel, Mikie Holiday Resort to call it a day!DSC_0077

Spotted the cute rabbit!DSC_0080

And checked in our hotel! Nice room with nice cold weather!

Colder than Genting Highland but  we did not bring any jacket!


Complimentary dinner and good night!


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