Hello RHB Bank?!

Today I went to RHB bank to close my account..

I took my bank book & went off in hurry..

Went to counter, signed, done!

But hey, how come the amount of money is diff from what I expected?

Ok, I used RHB for my PTPTN only.. So after graduated, I planned to close it la..

Sekali I see, it’s my wife’s account book!!

WTH RHB?! I showed u my IC, u saw my name, signature etc.. but still approved?!

Hey, if it’s someone else taking my account book then also can withdraw money?!

Luckily I made the right choice  to close my RHB account.. haha

Thanks for helping me to get what I wanted although the bank account is not mine.. haha

Really geng la.. Really Hebat Betul!

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A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).