I’m Jonah!

I’m supposed to be anti-JONAH!

But WTH in surgical i’m damn Jonah..

I’m alone at night covering 30+ patients

7pm-8pm: TDS review at acute side

8pm-9pm: new case

9pm-10pm: TDS review at subacute side

10pm-11pm: new case

11pm-12am: accompany patient for OGDS & Colono

12am-1am: Post-round orders.. i didnt even follow the TDS round with MO.. lol

1am-2am: TDS review at chronic side

2am-3am: 2 trauma case

3am-5am: coming morning blood + covering uro side

5am-5.30am: rest a while

5.30am- 6am: new plastic case

6am-7am: trace blood taken & review the result

7am-7.30am: pass over to morning people..

Wah liew, cannot like this.. i have to find out the underlying reason!

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About LWJ

A doctor in Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru (HSAJB).