Convocation 2012

Finally is my turn for convocation! I’m officially graduated on October 2012! My convocation 2012! Sorry for late post 😛

Reached kuching on Thursday night & squat at my buddy house for 1 night..

Next day which was Friday I went to pick my wife up at the airport and we went to main campus to get our “Jubah”

Then we had a buddy gathering combining 2 buddy lines..

Quite a big number.. lol

Then on Friday night, my family members reached Kuching!

UNIMAS 16th convocation!

We stayed at Tune Hotels and got up early to prepare for convo!

Samsung user mocking at iPhone user!

My handsome little brother!

When we reached there, lots of ppl r there already!

Inside the Detra Putra! Huge hall i can say!

My whole family sneaked in.. haha..

The place where I sat.. LOL

For Senates lah..

My dad shot the at screen.. coz too far away.. lol

Jun Ing’s turn..

Last one from UNIMAS! And the nicest one!

After the ceremony, as usual, buddy will be waiting for their seniors!

My mom, sis & bro!

Terence was targeting Jun Ing’s flower!

With all the buddies!

With Jun Ing’s family

With both family members

My family members

Jun Ing’s side..

With my buddies..

With Charlie & his angel!

With Ah Pui Kevin..

Then on the same day itself we had our convo dinner!

It’s quite a disappointing one coz lots of our batch graduates did not turn up! WTH!

Anyway, our new dean.

I booked a table for 10, Rm65 per pax.. Chinese dinner style.. not buffet!

With my mentor Prof Hla, Ass. Prof Soe & Tin!

With my first yr buddy

Jun Ing with her 1st yr buddy

Then I was nominated as King of the night!

Asked me to introduce & say some rubbish.. lol

Then catwalk =.=

Graduates that attended the dinner! Out of 80++ =.=!!!

Then the next day on Sunday, we went to Madam Tang’s for breakfast

Not as nice as Choon Choon cafe! lol

Stopped by Hills Shopping Mall for short dog show..

Ah Pherd!

Then lunch at San Chuan.. Jun Ing birthday as well!

Kicked off with some nice food!

Eat eat eat! huat ah!

Like lou yu sang like that~

Then birthday cake time.. So damn big.. cant finish it.. lol

So happy my dad~

Ah ma was enjoying as well..

Whose birthday wo?!

I was ready to eat the cake!

Open ceremony!

We went to visit my buddy..

Last photo before we left Kuching!

Unserviceable! This TV spoil until “Unserviceable”.. can throw away liao.. haha

Anyway, I wanted to thx my buddy Lee Lee for troubling them during these few days in Kuching! Really appreciate it!

Come to Monash U then I sign all logbook for ur brother.. haha

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