How to hack WEP Wifi in 10 minutes

Nowadays everyone is using broadband, P1 and Wifi security has become a problem..

There are a few types of encryption out there, WEP being the commonest & lousiest type of encryption.. Why? Coz I can crack the password in 10 minutes or less!

How to hack WEP Wifi in 10 minutes

Disclamer: I’m showing u this with my own Wifi & I do not intend to hack or crack other ppl Wifi password!

What u need:

  1. Xiaopan OS
  2. USB Pendrive (I’m using 8GB one)
  3. Wifi adapter or Wifi USB stick (Im using Linksys USB Wifi)
  4. UNetBootIn

First Step, download Xiaopan OS, UNetBootIn, get a USB stick & Wifi adapter

Second Step, launch the UNetBootIn & burn the xiaopan OS ISO image into ur USB.. Please reformat ur USB pendrive before use..

Third Step, go into ur MOBO Bios & set boot sequence to boot from USB first..

Fourth Step, restart ur PC/ Laptop & boot into Xiaopan OS

Then u will see ur PC is loading files from ur pendrive..

After that u will get into Xiaopan OS

Fifth Step,  launch feedingbottle application.. Click “Yes”

Then select ur Wifi adapter, then click “Next”

Click “Scan” to start scanning for Wifi..

Then u can see a list of Wifi available.. Mine is LWJ with password of “1234567890” for demo purposes..
After scanning, select the Wifi u wanna hack then click “Next”
Then click “Advance mode”
Click “Capture” & “False Auth (by force)”, then click “Access to information” then click “Start”
After that wait for the packets to reach 10,000k and click “Start crack”

Then U will get the password just in few seconds or minutes!

Please do not use this method to hack other ppl network.. and readers pls change ur WEP to WPA2 encryption without WPS!

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