iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

iPhone 5 is going to be announced tomorrow! So now the hottest topic on planet: iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3!

Who will stand out? Who will be the king of smartphone in 2012?

For your info, I was iPhone 3G user and recently changed to Galaxy S3..

Galaxy Note or Note 2 is not even in my consideration coz the size is too outrageously big! I know some ppl may say it is good & fitted well in their pocket blah blah blah..

But for me, sorry, too big.

So I have been using S3 for almost 2 months now..

The conclusion is:

  1. iPhone app store has more apps than Android market
  2. iPhone 4s is equally smooth as S3 or maybe iPhone slightly smoother than S3 (ICS firmware.. not Jelly Bean)
  3. S3 has way more battery power than iPhone.. Lasted me quite well
  4. S3 has bigger, sleeker screen than iPhone!
  5. S3 is much lighter than iPhone! iPhone is so heavy!

So the golden question: Should I buy iPhone 5 or S3 or Note 2?

It all depends on individual but for me, if iPhone 5 screen is bigger with faster processor & RAM, I will go for iPhone 5 coz the apps in app store really is way too many compared to Android!

But since I have bought S3, I will stick to this phone for quite some time.. hehe

Only my wife will have headache now choosing which phone to buy.. LOL

So lets wait for tomorrow announcement!

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