Life of a new HO

After induction, I have to report to HSA, JB straight on the coming Monday.

I contacted my old friends who are working in HSA as HO, asked them how will it be for the 1st day..

They told me: “Tagging till 10pm on 1st day!”

I was like.. WTH?!

So Monday came.. Surprise! No tagging but lots lots of forms to be filled..

And have to pass up on that day itself coz Tuesday will start tagging!

I got Paeds for my 1st posting & started my tagging.. 2 weeks of tagging!

Luckily all the HO, MO & specialists are very nice.. they knew I was 1st poster & still dunno lots of stuff so they taught me one by one..

Some HO taught me how to prescribe medic, how to fill in forms, how to request CT, MRI scan, how to sedate patient for CT or MRI, how to request special test from IMR, KL, how to check this & that, how to prevent being “harm” by other ppl etc etc..

So I learned all these new stuff within a week, got used to the tagging life!

And finally off tag on last Monday! Actually not yet 2 weeks of tagging also.. LOL

Anyway, started to have night duty!

Before 12am, 4 new cases.. Got 1 10 year old boy refused to be poked..

Kicked nurses, struggle here & there..

I went to advice him & in the end he agreed to co-operate if mother accompanies.. haha

night duty I was quite lucky to be able to sleep from 12-3am..

Then suddenly staff nurse called me coz there’s a kid SPO2 dropped from 99% till 40%!

I was like “WTH?!”

I went there STAT & asked nurses to do suction, increase nasal prong oxygen to 3L/min & recheck SPO2..

Then still the same!!! I called my senior HO for help..

He came & we were thinking how come so low but lungs clear, no cyanosis just some subcostal recession..

In the end we found out that the SPO2 machine was spoilt!!!

LOL, he tested the machine on himself & noted SPO2 to be only 80%! He told the nurses “SPO2 saya 80% je.. I need oxygen lah”

LOL, so we changed the SPO2 machine & noted to SPO2 to climb back to 99% under NPO2 2L/min..

Then new cases came in.. Clerked & went back to sleep at around 4.30am..

At 5.30am, nurse called me again for new case.

I clerked halfway then suddenly feel like wanna pang sai.. haha

But I finished the clerking, blood taking, management plan & went to do my big business..

My 1st night duty was actually a very good experience!

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