Houseman Induction 2012

After 2 months break from our Final Prof Exam, finally got induction letter from KKM!

Induction at Cherengin Hils Resort!

Where the hell is this resort?!

It’s near to Genting highland! Will take around 1.5 hour to reach there from KL.. If u follow the speed limit lah.. Which I did.. haha

From internet, it looked good & sounds good!!

But actually not that good..

No public transport except taxi, no Wifi inside ur room, the food provided sux!

No vege, made my friend constipated! lol

Customer service still ok.. I dont think  ppl will go there lah since Genting Highland is just nearby.. Very near, mind you!

Although the resort name included “Spa”, but I couldn’t see any SPA around..

Only swimming pool!

Sorry, my room was bit messy.. haha

Room wise, satisfactory.. but no fridge & no safe..

View from my room, swimming pool!!

Quite nice the scenery.. lol

So how about the activities?

U will know ur hospital on the 1st day but late night just before u can go back to ur room & sleep!

So it will either make u insomnia or sleep like a pig!

Luckily I got what I wanted: HSA, JB!

So far almost all got their 1st choice but some got hospital which was not in their list.. eg HKL..

If u wanna appeal, just write letter and hand in to ur facilitator & u will know the result on Friday before u go back..

So far in my group, those ppl who appealed all got their desired hospital!

Then u will eat  6 times a day! Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper!

Nowadays, induction will be 4 days 3 nights only..

Starting on 2pm afternoon & end on Friday 12pm noon as well..

But the lunch on first day will not be included.. So eat before u come & register..

Registration time is 12-2pm..

There will be exam on the  last day of induction!

But in order to pass the induction, not only the exam is counted.. But also group work!

U will be divided into smaller groups, u have to perform a sketch on the last day..

But I dont think anyone will actually fail this induction unless u’re an ass!

Keep on making trouble & all that.. lol

So if u wanna study for the exam, u have to bring ur laptop.. The questions of the exam will be based on the lectures given during the 4 days..

No worries, not medical related & u can actually pass if u listen & no need to study!

All right folks, that’s all.. Time to get ready for 1st day of HO on Monday!


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