Unrevealed Photos In UNIMAS!

I was cleaning up my external hard disk & found these old photos..

Some were actually really hilarious!

My first day of uni life was on 1st of July, my birthday as well.. lol

3 handsome guy.. From left foo, wooi kee & the right one Jordan?! Not sure.. lol

My 1st yr I stayed in hostel with my roommate Anthony..

Make a guess which one was mine? Top or bottom?

Then we always went to main campus for talk!

We also had free trips to some caves in Kuching.. The Fairy Cave etc etc.. I also forgot which caves we went.. haha

Not only caves, we also went to seaside!

My group during orientation week! I was in the same group with Meau Cheng?! How come cant remember a thing at all?!

Then we also performed in the main campus! I actually went on stage to sing the “Sayang Kinabalu” song!

Then we attended our senior convo! It’s compulsory for us to attend! lol

At Hilton Hotel..


See, at that time Jun Ing already so hiao.. wanna take photo with me! haha

Our open ceremony for foster parents in Kampung Niup..

They are the kakak & abang..

My PBL 7 mates with 1 intruder from UKM I think.. haha

Then some outings with the Christian group.. That time Wei Wei was very good with Chan Siew Fong.. haha

That outing was regarding medical stuff.. One dr was teaching us how to take BP..

My 2nd yr house.. Heard from Kevin it was haunted! lol

We went to Kuching Festival! That time Jin Tatt was still very “hairy”.. Opps >.<

Our senior performance during CNY celebration! That time Hanne was so slimm siok!

Last but not least…



That’s all?

Most hilarious photo of all time!


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