HCM Day 4: City Tour

HCM Day 4: City Tour : Day 4 in Ho Chi Minh, last day of our 9 days Bangkok- Ho Chi Minh trip!

We went to Grand Palace.. 15-20 minutes walk from our hotel..

Paid 30,000 Dong each..

The palace was not very big.. Done in 1 hour.. lol

Basically just history history & history..

The Vietnam government is still using it now I think for important events..

Nothing much special..

Not too antique.. hehe

They have free tour guide for u as well but I didn’t take it.. Coz they will speed off.. I cant take photo as I wish..

We could go anywhere as we liked..

Go above.. Go their basement..

Go to top roof to see their heli pad..

After an hour, we’re done.. Passed by Notre-Dame Vietnam version.. lol

I have been to the Paris version one..

Then their old post office..

Last destination.. War Remnants Museum..

2 days ago we went to Cu Chi Tunnel.. So I was quite eager to know more about their history as well..

Again, tanks..

Fighter jet..

I was ready to shoot down North Korea’s missile.. lol

The machine gun on one of the chopper..

Then we went into the museum.. Lots of photograph..

Agent Orange caused lots of congenital anomalies..

Hey, Nikon was used back then by the photographer! lol

Seemed like I made the correct decision.. lol

Then went outside again for the jail..

Saw lots of bombs, bullets etc..

Then noticed this.. The wall was written “身体在狱中,精神在狱外,欲成大事业,精神更要大!”

Then we went for our lunch… last one in Vietnam before we went to airport..

I ordered Pho again.. last chance to eat Pho..

But Jun Ing couldn’t stand the local food anymore.. She ordered spaghetti..

With COLD COLD Coke & Pepsi..

Asked hotel to call taxi for us.. cost us 9 USD for both of us from hotel to Airport..

This marked the end of our 9 days Bangkok-Ho Chi Minh trip!

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