HCM Day 3: Mekong Delta

In Day 2, we have taken the Cu Chi Tunnel day tour with Delta Adventures travel agency..

We were satisfied & planned to take another day tour!

Mekong Delta 1 day tour, 10 USD each including all boat charges, admission fees & lunch!

Our hotel reception..

This time took another minibus to Mekong Delta!

Stopped halfway for washroom..

Our tour guide Mr Tiger was taking his free brunch.. lol.. Pho..

After 2 hours drive, we reached the jetty..

Overview of the jetty..

We were quite excited as we would be experiencing diff things that day..

We took a medium-sized boat to an island..

The size of our boat.. This trip got around 32 ppl..

Hot sunny day.. Luckily!

Then our first stop was at a bee farm.. Claimed to be a farm but actually to ask us to buy their honey..

Only 1 SingaporK couple bought.. Others including us just see & try.. lol

Our snack.. Ang mo didn’t like them.. so I sapu almost all.. hungry liao.. lol

Then we walked another direction to take their sampan..

Everything was included in the 10 USD.. So we didn’t pay a single cent there..

I was at the front row!

Jun Ing behind me!

They just rowed as fast as they could to reach the destination… Then…

Then helped u to take photo.. Then…

Posing for u to take photo… Then..

When reached, the “boatwoman” asked for tips.. kept on begging u to give..

Haih, not I dun want to give.. I bolui leh..

Used my ultimate innocent face to pretend dunno what’s she was talking about.. Quickly jump off the boat.. lol

Again, the SingaporK couple gave tips..

Then we changed to another medium-sized boat, our Tiger continued to explain to us regarding the history of Mekong river..

Said SingaporK bought lots of sand to expand the island.. hahaha

Then we changed again to a smaller boat to go to coconut farm..

He demonstrated how the coconut candy was made..

Very thick flesh~~

Then they made d candy on the table.. hehe..

Again, see, tried but didn’t buy.. This time the SingaporK couple didn’t buy leh.. Lose liao wor?!

Then our Mr Tiger asked us whether wanna try the local elephant ear fish.. 170,000 Dong per kg.. minimum need to buy 1kg..

We wanted to try but scared 1kg was too much… Coz we still have the free lunch.. So we declined..

Reached the restaurant at around 1pm..

Those who booked earlier for the elephant ear fish got their dish already..

Again, we “see” but din try 🙁

Then our free lunch came..

We beh tahan other ppl eating the fish so we ordered..

The waitress would help u to wrap the fish into something like popiah..

Something like this..

Then we clashed down the fish.. Where can still let it stand there..

Then we took the same boat to another island.. to try local fruits.. Meh…. Papaya, pineapple, nangka, ciku… meh…

Nothing special for us but it was special for ang mo..

Got free traditional music to listen also..

Then they passed a basket for u to put tips.. Got 1 ang mo dunno..

Took the basket & see.. Sekali saw $$, only knew it was meant for tips.. He very paiseh to put back, so searched for some money inside his pocket..

Took up 50,000 Dong, put back.. Took out 20,000 Dong, put back.. Finally took out 2000 Dong, looked at his wife, his wife nodded then he put it inside the basket.. LOL

2000 Dong is not even Rm0.50..

How about me? I was busy taking photo mah.. hahaa

After that our group split up.. Those who were going for 2 days 1 night followed Mr Tiger, those who wanna take boat back followed another tour guide while those who wanna take bus back, wait wait & wait…

BTW, if u wanna take boat back, u have to pay another 10 USD..

We chose to take bus back.. Coz boat nothing special for me.. I took so many times before when I went to those islands in Malaysia!

But suddenly our Mr Tiger came near me & said “Boat, 5 USD each”

Wah!! now 50% off leh.. last minute deal.. haha

But we insisted to take bus back coz Jun Ing got motion sickness mah..

So we had extra 1 hour free time there.. I went for photography..

Went around the garden…

Searching for unique flowers..

Not so lucky..

Then too sad, played some music.. Do u believe I can actually play it? lol

Then finally our bus came to pick us up.. Another 2-3 hours drive back to hotel coz of trafic jam..

Nice day at Mekong Delta! The next day would be our last day in HCM!

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