HCM Day 2: Cu Chi Tunnel

In day 1, we got the brochure from hotel regarding 1 day tour in Cu Chi Tunnel for only 6USD per person!

Freaking cheap & we decided to join!

Woke up early in morning, went for breakfast at 7am & we were not the first one.. lol

“Tieu!” Eh, not saying foul words ok! I meant pepper..

Jun Ing ordered Pho, a type of Vietnamese noodle.. looks like kuew diao but doesn’t taste like it.. lol

While I ordered omelette..

The tour guide came to pick us up at 8.30am.. So we have waited in hotel lobby for quite some time.. hehe

We took minibus.. Ok, that time was really a bus unlike the “minibus” in Bangkok..

Could accommodate 33 person..

The journey to Cu Chi Tunnel took around 2 hours..

In between they stopped us for washroom..  But actually they wanted us to buy souvenir la..

We expected these kind of stuff.. So not a surprise for us..

Our bus.. with our gang sitting by roadside.. Almost all angmo..

The stopped us to see these ppl doing handicraft stuff.. Then asked u to buy lo..

So u think I will buy? lol

I already chose this 6USD tour.. So u think I would spend anything more than that? haha

Our tour guide.. He claimed to be ex-US military ppl.. Said he involved in US-Vietnam war blah blah blah..

He said those books in market all bullsit.. He said “Now I will tell u the true story.”

But in the end, he recommended his own book.. WTF? I thought he said all books in market are bullshit? Except his own book?

lol.. epic fail!

Reached Cu Chi Tunnel, bought ticket ourselves.. 80,000 Dong each..

The first thing was to watch a short video.. lol

Then jungle trekking started.. not actually jungle trekking la.. just walking..

Our tour guide, Mr Bean (He asked us to call him this name) asked us to find the tunnel..

Deng deng deng… hidden..

Actually 1 very small hole..

I went down.. Ang Mo or any ppl taller than 180.. please do not even try to get down.

If ur buttock or shoulder get stuck inside, sorry lah, no ppl can save u..

My shoulder width zun zun the size of the hole leh.. And I’m 1.7m

He showed us another trap, named American Dog trap.. Previously used to hunt animal by Vietnamese but now use to hunt US army.. lol

So what’s inside? Sharps..

So tunnel so long.. 200Km ++.. If ppl farted how leh?

So must have ventilation lah.. He showed us the location of the ventilation.. Lots of small small hole everywhere inside Cu Chi Tunnel..

Then a bit of modelling..

The great tank..

Then more traps used by Vietnam army..

The door trap to hit US army due to their height..

Then he showed us the place for making bombs..

Bomb.. real bomb.. not girl.. “She’s a bomb!” lol

After that he brought us to firing range! The place where u can buy real bullets, hold real guns & fire!

Mind u, each bullet costs 1 USD.. And u have to buy at least 10 bullets if u wanna try!

And 1 small tips.. Please do not choose machine guns!!! Coz once u press the trigger, all 10 bullets will be gone in 1 sec.. lol

If u chose AK-47 or M-18 then u can fire each bullet slowly.. so u have at least 10 times to try la!

The firing range was meant for those who bought the bullets only..

I didn’t buy & quickly follow the ppl down, pretend to be their photographer! haha

I quickly “took” an ear shield & started to shoot! Shoot photos lah..

My bro actually tested this before when he was here previously.. He shot shot & in the end cost Rm200++!!

So don’t be too excited! Just try for 1 time will be more than enough lah..

So what actually were they shooting at? Who cares?! We liked the sound only.. lol

So I also had a chance to hold the gun.. But dunno what gun leh..

Our tour guide said the name but I couldn’t get it.. too fast.. lol

The amount of bullets that I have fired!

No lah.. I will be dead man if I really fired that much of bullets!

Then our lunch… fish ball, meat ball & Jagung.. 20,000 DOng each.. or 1 USD each lo..

The most interesting part of this trip was experiencing the tunnel..

Lots of ang mo didn’t try or gave up halfway.. Why?

Looked like quite big leh..

Fire in the hole! I was behind 1 ang mo.. behind me was Jun Ing.. behind Jun Ing was another 180-190cm angmo..

Tour guide said it’s a 100m tunnel for us to try..

Opps.. Shot the ass! lol

Initially the ang mo was still able to walk a bit..

Then she started to crawl.. Then halfway she gave up & went out through emergency exit..

Luckily the ang mo in front of me didn’t give me any “bomb”.. or else I sure pengsan halfway..

But don’t worry, at the end of the 100m tunnel, u will have ur bed ready!

Then we started to walk back towards our main gate.. Saw this nangka tree.. holy shit.. I think the owner fed with clomiphene.. lol

Another 2 hours ride & we were back to our hotel again..

We went to tour around the city for a while before going back to our room..

We saw this stall.. We sat down at road side & tried the food!

Very nice!

Then we went to their park.. Relax a while lah.. Back pain after the tunnelling leh.. old liao..

They even converted the swimming pool for motorbike parking.. haha

Our dinner at a local shop.. Tried their Beef Pho..

Then we went to try their massage since Jun Ing has not tried before..

We went for Foot oil massage.. 60 minutes for 100,000 Dong or 5 USD..

I was massaged by a guy while Jun Ing by a girl..

Then during the massage, the guy wanted to massage my hand.. I said “Foot massage only..”

Then the girl who was massaging Jun Ing told us foot massage included foot, hand, head & shoulder..

I was like “WTH? Then what’s body massage?” I scared they wanted to scam us again..

Then after the massage, the girl asked Jun Ing for tips..

We pretended we did not understand English, paid the 10 USD (5USD each) quickly & rushed back to hotel.. LOL

That’s why.. Have to pretend a bit one.. haha.. Sorry lah, whoever met me sure no tips one.. pai seh pai seh..

The next day would be equally interesting! Another cheap 1 day tour to Mekong Delta!

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