HCM Day 1:Ben Thanh Market

We reached Ho Chi Minh City (HCM) at around 9.30am in morning..

Went to find cheapest taxi & money changer  in the airport..

Found Vinasun taxi.. 170,000 Dong or USD8.5 to our hotel for both of us..

But the company didn’t accept USD.. so we have to pay 170,000 Dong..

BTW, RM1= 6700 Dong while USD1= 20,000 Dong

U can cut ur hair in front of everyone!

Finally reached our hotel after 30minutes drive..

Actually is a backpacker hotel.. or Hostel.. lol

We chose Saigon Mini 2 due to it’s price.. only 20USD per night.. with breakfast & free Wifi..

Got this free map from the hotel reception.. It’s a good map mind u.. just a small piece of paper will keep u busy for the next few days..

Condition still ok inside the room.. Just got a kind of smell.. smell like “long kang”


I suspected the smell came from the lubang.. So I used the dustbin to close the lubang..

The first thing u will see when u shut ur door.. lol

Free breakfast.. U can choose what u wanna eat..

Then off we go.. Walked around HCM.. Lots of motorbike..

They provide “unclock” service for ur iPhone 3G or 3Gs.. WTH?! Where got unclock & where got ppl use 3G liao now..

Only me lah haha..

The first rule to cross the road is that u have to pretend the road is urs..

They will avoid u.. so dont try to avoid them..Just walk or slow down.. lol

They dont follow traffic lights..

Finally we reached Ben Thanh Market.. The famous market in HCM..

Inside lots of stuff..

What brand of bag u want also got.. From Deuter to Osprey.. lol

We tried the local Vietnam mee.. Forgot what name liao..

I think mine was crab something..

Then opposite the Ben Thanh market got some Japanese show..

We couldn’t visit any museum coz of odd time.. gonna close soon..

So just watch the performance by Japanese in Vietnam.. lol

Quite nice lah..

Lots of leng lui.. Like my bro always said “超多MM”.. MM stands for “mei mei“.. lol

These ppl were not Japanese.. they are local Vietnamese.. haha

Hamik pattern also got..

I was searching for my Dragon Ball character.. bo leh..

Vietnam is quite famous for their mak mak stall at road side.. where u can sit on a stool to eat.. lol

I have wasted 1 shuttle count for the photo below.. haha

We stayed there till night time coz the performance until 10pm..

But in between we went for a snack.. at Pao restaurant..

Tried Vietnam pancake.. Delicious!

Then we continued to watch the performance.. We went back to hotel to book our Cu Chi tunnel tour for tomorrow!

Just USD6 per person.. Damn cheap!

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