Bangkok Day 5: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Day 5 in Bangkok, suddenly had a feeling of going back to hometown JB liao.. haha

Maybe too tiring.. Walked for long period..

That day we woke up early, planned to go floating market.. Googled & found out that this market is easiest to reach but furthest away from Bangkok!

It’s the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market! In province Ratchaburi..

Checked out from our hotel..

BTW, the place where we took our free breakfast everyday! haha

No table so we sat using the PC table..

Very simple breakfast with banana, apple, coffee, cornflakes, bread, cake, tea or juice..

Took BTS again to Victoria Monument.. The token used for BTS..

BTS stands for Bangkok Skytrain.. Why not BST then? Coz it’s bedside teaching.. cannot clash with it.. no la.. haha

BTS is above ground one while MRT is underground..

So Bangkok has 3 types of train.. BTS, MRT & Airport Raiway Link..

Reached Victoria Monument early in morning.. BTW, it’s just 6.30am then the sky brightens like 7.30am in Malaysia! WTF?!

There are a few ways to reach Damnoen Saduak.. By public bus, by taxi, by mini bus & by your own foot!

Guess which we took? haha

We have decided to take the minibus.. I like to try new things so minibus was the way to go!

We searched high & low for the right minibus to Damnoen Saduak.. Asked them “Damnoen Saduak?” They would answer “Huh? What?”

Oh… They only know the name in Thai.. We said in English they dunno!!!!

So… In the end we met a young girl who knew English! Thank God! And she showed us the way to the place to take minibus..

So when we reached  that place, we asked again.. “Damnoen Saduak floating market?’

Now she knew.. “Ya, 100 Baht”

So in conclusion, all other ppl dunno what the hell is “Damnoen Saduak” & only the minibus that will go there knew the name!

So next time when ask ppl if the ppl seemed dunno meant wrong place lah.. haha

The minibus ticket in Thai.. Dunno a single shit..

It’s a cosy minibus.. actually is a van..

From inside the van.. Passing by bridge.. lol

Finally reached after 2 hours drive!

The floating market!!

What pattern that was usually done on the ground now all went on the water.. Got fruits la, souvenirs la, food la..

They straight away cut in front of u.. So CONFIRM fresh ah!!

They also washed the knife with the river water in front of u! Confirm contaminated ah! haha

All sorts of souvenir.. Should be “Seevenir”.. See only..

U can rent a boat at 200-300 Baht per hour depends on whether u wan a shed or not, u wan motor or ppl row for u or not..

Then the size of the boat.. But we didn’t get on the boat.. budget constraint leh..

But it was equally fun on the ground looking ppl on the boat.. hehe

Lots of ppl rent boat..

So we walked along the river.. Found a quite isolated place but with lots of local Thai ppl taking their lunch there..

So we went..

Noodle Jay Muay.. 25 Baht each.. Holy shit, it’s within our budget!

We tried their Tom Yam noodle & Tom Sam noodle.. Damn delicious man!

I wanted to try another bowl but since it’s made on the boat, it has high chance or contamination with the river water.. lol

So I dare not tried..

Look delicious leh.. salivating now.. lol

Then we went to drink coconut water at 20 Baht each.. But the flesh was hardddd till @#$%

After lunch was around 1pm.. We have decided to go back since the floating market closed at 1pm..

Last glimpse of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market..

Then we asked a local Thai lady to help us to call the minibus to pick us up.. hehe..

Luckily this time didn’t meet a con..

BTW, the minibus cost 90Baht for each person 1 way.. So to & fro will be 180 Baht for each person..

Passed by Amphawa floating market..

New floating market I guess coz it’s not stated in the internet..

So if u wanna save the trouble of calling the minibus to pick u up, go to Amphawa floating market coz the minibus will stop & pick u up at the same place while for Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, u have to tell the driver u want to go floating market or else he will stop u at Damnoen Saduak city centre.. lol

Please do not try to walk from the city centre to the floating market.. U will die man!! haha damn far!

We reached Victoria Monument at around 4pm..

Dunno where to go liao.. So opened the map again to see where to go..

Spotted King Power Complex.. What the heck was that? I thought it was a power generator museum..

Finally we had a chance to take tuk-tuk..

Coz free shuttle from Siam Centre to King Power Complex..

WTH?! It was actually a shopping complex.. Duty Free! Inside all Chinese tourist from China!

Suck ur money till dry ah!!

LV, Prada, Rolex, Hermes, IWC, Channel..

Then we have decided to go to airport after around 1 hour inside King Power Complex..

I took BTS back to hotel to take my backpack while Jun Ing waited for me inside a shopping complex..

Night view while waiting for our train to airport..

Suddenly spotted something!

Eiffel Tower in Bangkok?!

Or Paris is just beside Bangkok?! My geography failed? lol

Reached airport at around 7.30pm..

Lots of ppl ah.. Checked in safely.. hehe

Our flight was the next day 7.45am to Ho Chi Minh City.. We have planned to overnight at airport..

So the first thing was to look for a cosy chair for us to sleep..

Found these sofas.. Wah..

At least not metal chair lah..

Jun Ing fell asleep easily while I needed more time till 12am to sleep..

I woke up every 1 hour in average to check my belongings.. hehe

But don’t worry, the next day I will still have 2 hours of sleep inside the flight..

Good night Bangkok & Hello Ho Chi Minh!


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