Bangkok Day 4: Songkran Festival

Bangkok Day 4: Songkran Festival: 13/4/2012 meant the starting of Songkran Festival which will last for 3 days.. From Friday to Sunday!

Everyone is ready for water fight! I was ready too!

My backpack was wrapped with Karrimor Raincover which I bought in UK during my elective posting..

When I bought that time, I was thinking.. “When the heck am I going to use this raincover?”

“Tak kan purposely put on this raincover & go out during raining right? lol”

Wrapped my iPhone & iPad with plastic bags.. double shield!

Then off we go! Actually we planned to avoid the water fight & go to zoo or something for the whole day.. haha

But we couldn’t avoid as well! It’s everywhere!

Any car or motorbike that passed by will be splashed by these ppl.. We were so scared & try our best to avoid them.. lol

Beh tahan straight use pipe liao.. Not water gun only.. Lol

So when you  see Hiliux, you must avoid! at the back there will be a BIG pail of water waiting for u!

They have gone berserk while we have run out of money! Not even enough to enter the zoo! WTH!

They dont accept USD, credit card or MYR (of course!)

So I ran here and there to look for a freaking money changer during their new year! lol

Passed by this palace for 4 times!

Lots of railway around Bangkok!

Passed by College of Medicine..

Passed by Neurological

We walked ah walked ah until Jun Ing’s sandal torn apart! I have to use a steel metal to tie it up.. haha

Went to Victoria Monument but no luck.. Money changer not opened.. My debit card & credit card cannot be used at ATM machine to withdraw money.. All kena rejected..

So we sat down & saw this hair dressing saloon.. Just in case u have cardiac arrest while cutting ur hair, they will charge u 1000-1200 Baht for CPR..


We went to Siam Paragon & finally found 1 money changer! But rate was bad.. of course lah..

Finally got money to take lunch! lol

Then we went out & noticed the locals were having their war 🙂

So I have decided to join them as a photographer. lol

Take a break, reloading guns. 😛

They not only play with water.. also with flour..

Spotted lots of Bazuka!

Even the girls have them!

But they have a few rules.. First, do not shoot police, 2nd do not shoot elderly & 3rd do not shoot photographer.. LOL

Songkran Festival is not for kids only! Those uncle auntie ah pek ah ma also can play one!

Ham pa lang cartoon came out liao.. Got winnie the pooh, got pikachu, got hello kitty, got power ranger etc..

Of course I have to pose with the Bazuka lah.. The biggest I have seen selling in market cost 300Baht, which is Rm30.

Bazuka! Bazuka!

Lots of foreigner also.. From China & EU mostly..

Do not even try to enter the shopping complex if u’re wet & whitish everywhere! Security guard will stop u for sure! haha

I was shooting at the BTS station.. Siam station.. So I was pretty safe from the water.. They shoot from the top.. the bottom ppl cant hide!

All kena.. lol

Refilling their Bazuka!

Saw this uncle and his daughter were having fun with the water gun..

Take cover! it’s all about fun & no hard feelings when they shoot at u.. lol

The local Thai girls were joining in the fun as well!

U can buy a special plastic bag that can hang on ur neck to put all ur valuables.. Hp, money, passport easier for other ppl to snatch as well. lol

This type of gun was quite famous among the young.. It came with an umbrella to block other ppl’s water.. lol

The biggest bazuka I have seen.. lol

I’m still dry & it’s time to go back for dinner! Passed by Siam Paragon..

They have some activities over there but I didn’t kepo..

Went back to have our simple & budget dinner.. Bought from Jusco..

When near to our hotel, there’s 1 group of ppl poured water on my back! So in the end I was half soaked but Jun Ing ran to avoid it..

I was thinking “near to hotel liao.. biao kin lah..”

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