Bangkok Day 3: Ayutthaya

Actually I shouldn’t put Bangkok coz Ayutthaya is another province.. not inside Bangkok..

So actually I went to 3 places in Thailand: Bangkok, Ayutthaya & Damneon Saduak (In province Ratchaburi)

Woke up early in the morning, took MRT to Hua Lamphong Station, then headed towards Railway station..

One tourist info ppl saw us, straight told us today Thai ppl will get FREE train ticket so we have to pay 300Baht for 2nd class train..

She asked us to take taxi for 2500Baht!!! WTH!

We went to ticket counter & asked.. That stupid tourist info ppl lied to us.. haha.. We bought our train ticket to Ayutthaya for 20Baht one way..

Crazy ass.. 40Baht vs 2500bath! See the differences? LOL

We took the 3rd class & have to squeeze with the local Thai ppl.. We loved it man.. haha..

Saw a few ang mo.. most ang mo bought the 2nd class or 1st class ticket which cost around 200-300Baht..

But 2 Thai middle-aged man gave their sits to us.. so u could sit for the 2 hours train..

No aircon, only fan.. Some latecomers have to stand for the next 2 hours.. lol

After 2 hours of train, finally we reached!

Then we went to take Ayutthaya map from the train station & headed to jetty for a boat ride across the river..

Finally saw “ferry”.. 4 Baht only.. haha

Our “ferry”.. lol

When reached the opposite, u can see bicycle rental.. 40Baht per day.. But we didn’t rent any bicycle..Our foots were our main mode of transportation..

So we followed the map.. Our first target was to see the Buddha’s head in between the tree root..

But have to pass by market..

Reached the place.. Wat Maha That..

It cost 50Baht but again, we didn’t pay.. act like dunno then went in.. LOL

Some “Don’ts”.. most important thing is dont climb on the Buddha statue lah..

The ruins..

Target spotted.. the Buddha’s head between tree roots.. lol

U cannot stand if u wanna take photo with it.. So u can either squat or lie down.. lol

At that time, around 11am.. heat was coming up!

Pattern liao liao..

Lots of headless statue.. lol.. just like those in Vatican City in Rome..

Great girl power to push bricks apart!

Saw lots of stones stacking up together like this.. wonder what’s the reason..

Wide angle view of Wat Maha That..

Another view of it..

Then we got out of it.. Walked along the pond..

Then went to another Wat just beside to Wat Maha That..

Wat Ratchaburana.. This time couldn’t escape from the entrance fess.. paid 50 Baht per person.. lol

This wat was significantly smaller than the previous one..

Climbed to the top & there’s a small tunnel to get down.. quite steep..

Nothing much special about this wat..

Last glimpse before heading for our lunch..

That time was around 12-1pm.. Damn hot.. found this small roadside mak mak stall..

Ordered Pork noodle..

Jun Ing ordered pork rice..

Both were very delicious! Only 35Baht each..

After that we continued our adventure to another Wat..

Passing by pond..

Saw some Japanese sitting on elephant..

Then saw this Wat.. lots of local Thai.. So we went in as well.. Kepo bit..

Lots of local ppl were praying during the Buddha’s day..

Then we headed to another place..

Passing by Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi..

Along the street.. not many cars.. Quite dusty..

Spotted Malaysia’s flag! lol

Around 4pm we decided to go back to Bangkok.. Coz will reach there after 2 hours train leh..

Passing by the National Museum.. cost 100 Baht per person.. Didn’t go in.. Pokai liao.. haha

Took the same “ferry” back to train station.. Only knew that the train delayed for an hour!

Spotted AIS promotion.. Thailand handphone carrier..

So what did they do?

When a train came….

They started to play musics & distribute freebies (mineral water, tower, cap)

Of course Jun Ing won’t miss such an opportunity to get free mineral water.. haha

So in the end we got 6 bottles of mineral water.. lol

It’s our train time.. we had to walk across the railway to get to the opposite site..

This train was not crowded at all coz the next day will be Songkran Festival & everyone balik kampung liao..

No one was heading to Bangkok..

Sun set..

Guess what’s this? Railway..

So when we reached Bangkok Railway Station, lots of ppl!

Huge crowd! Luckily we were heading the opposite direction just now..

Dinner at Japanese mini-shop.. Just a few steps beside our hotel.. around 70Baht per plate..

Tired & that’s all for Day 3 in Ayutthaya!

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