Bangkok Day 2: Golden Mountain & 6km Walk

After visiting Wat Pho & Grand Palace, we were starving & decided to go to KhaoSan Road for our lunch..

We opened our map & started to search where the hell is KhaoSan Road although I knew it is nearby to our current location.. Just need another 15-20 minutes walk..

Passed by Chammasal University & walked along the river bank..

Sat there relaxing for a while..

Then on the way to KhaoSan Road, we saw this guesthouse which is quite cheap.. Not that 390 Baht la.. LOL

Ordered our food & I started to msg my mom regarding the scamming issue in the morning with my iPad..

I ordered Thai Green Curry..

After the delicious green curry, another 5 minutes walk will be KhaoSan Road! It is famous during Songkran Festival because everyone will be splashing water like mad!

I purposely came that day before Songkran Festival to avoid the water war.. hehe

Jun Ing was excited to see different pattern of McD posing.. lol

At first we could not understand the road sign.. Oh… Thanon is road?!

Then we continued to walk heading to the nearest MRT station which was approximately 6km away from KhaoSan Road..

So we passed by lots of interesting stuff..

Guess what this Ah Pek was doing?

He was using wire to make these nice & cool stuff!

Macro photo was not that sharp.. Bit of handshake & not using macro lens 😛

Then we saw some temple with no name on the map.. We decided to get in!

Luckily we went in! Free + 360 panorama view! Ok, actually was not free.. There stated 20Baht but we didn’t pay.. lol

Some panoramic photos..

Different angle!

Then we continued to walk towards the MRT station.. Saw this Golden Mountain in the map..

So decided to stop & have a look..

Wah, si pek heavy! haha

We climbed for around 15-20 minutes to the top..

And then saw lots of young monks praying.. Buddha’s day mah..



We decided not to wait for sunset & got down the Golden Mountain..

Passed by Hua Chiew General Hospital..

Passed by National Stadium..

Passed by Siam Paragon, Siam Centre & Siam Discovery shopping complex..

Lots of ppl ah…

And finally took MRT back to our hotel! Went up to the top of hotel & took this night scene!

Good night Bangkok!

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