Bangkok Day 2: Wat Pho & Grand Palace

Read Day 1 here..

So for Day 2 in Bangkok, I planned to take a city tour..

Got up early in morning, took our free breakfast at 7am, then took BTS from our hotel to Hua Lamphong MRT Station..

I knew the place was not accessible by public transport.. Only by walking or tuk-tuk or taxi!

Got out from the MRT and found out that there were highways & no tuk-tuk!

So we walked on while thinking what to do next..

Then we saw 2 Thai tourist, they claimed they were from Phuket and came here for holiday.. They said they were going to grand palace as well..

They said they asked d tourist info n the only way is by taxi with meter..

So we shared the taxi with them.. Finally reached a jetty coz they said the grand palace is accessible by boat due to today is Buddha day.. But today really is Buddha day Lo..

So we reached the jetty and only cost 50THB for 2 of us..

The wat at the jetty..

While waiting for the boat to come, we walked around the places & fed the fishes as well..

View from the jetty..

The name of the jetty perhaps?

And also the tuk-tuk..

Finally a boat came, there written 30THB.. So we went up the boat..

The boat took around 15-20 minutes.. passing by hospitals..

Passing by Faculty of Nursing.. but no Fac of medicine.. lol

Passing by Wat Aru..

When reaching grand palace, the boat stopped middle in d river & said 2500THB for each.. WTH!!!

The 2 Phuket tourist paid but I was shocked how come so expensive.. The boat man said coz not full boat, only 4 of us.

I looked at the jetty n saw 2-3 big guys  there while we r middle in d river..

In the end we paid 4500 to get out from the boat!

But d 2 Phuket tourist didn’t & the bot sped off.. I think d 2 Phuket tourist r a gang with the boat ppl!!

Spoilt my trip!! Got scammed!!

Please beware when u’re going to Bangkok next time!

Anyway, we decided to stick to our original plan that was to visit the Wat Pho, Grand Palace & Khao San road..

So we went to find a money exchange and managed to exchange some Thai baht..

So we went inside Wat Pho.. 100 baht per person

The first thing u will see when u enter Wat Pho..

Wat Pho is actually a sleeping Buddha..

It is quite a big place.. Spent  a few hours there..

There were quite a number of tourist there as well..

As expected, lots of Buddha’s statue..

At that time was around 11-12pm noon, damn bloody hot man!

Outside weather hot, inside my body think of that stupid Thai Ah ma I lagi hot..

Like chilli hot hot ah!

We went to their temple to pray the Ah ma just now to get langar by car.. LOL Kidding nia..

And finally the main statue..

Sleeping beauty..

Yes, we were still able to smile despite the misfortune..

Hey, it is always better to just lose some money than kena beaten up by the people right? Or kena pushed into the river and lost both my camera & iPad?

People always like the Buddha’s head & they forget about the foot.. Haha..

The statue foot also lots of meaning one ok!

Then u have to pay some Thai Baht to get their token to donate..

But for me, pokai liao.. I just walked along..

When we got out of Wat Pho only saw this “Welcome to Wat Po”.. Worst thing? They spelled wrongly the “Wat Pho” LOL

Next we headed to Grand Palace which is next to this Wat Pho only..

Another 15 minutes walk under the blazing hot sun!

BTW, u have to wear long pants and T-shirts with sleeves to be able to enter the Wat Pho & Grand Palace.. or else u have to rent some cloth to cover ur skin.

So save the trouble & wear long pants lah!

Grand Palace was another nice place in Bangkok..

Alot of of ppl Q-ing up to buy tickets..

But this time the ticket KNS expensive! 400Baht per person! Which is RM40 per person!!

Lot of ppl ah….

Also damn hot man!

Actually u will be looking at almost the same thing as in Wat Pho.. Just cut off the sleeping Buddha statue lah..

A lot of tourist from China leh..

Then outside u can use flower and spray some water on ur head to bring luck to u!

A lot of ang mo liked this.. Sorry la, I already so sueh liao.. don want to play all these things..

They were so happy sia..

12-1pm is the most sickening time!! Super-duper hot..

Even ang mo beh tahan liao..

The info brochure they pattern a bit then became their hat..

No one can tahan la.. Even my camera was hot at that time!

Spotted this little girl..Everyone was so fascinating so I also kepo a bit..

It’s coming to an end in the Grand Palace..

Water!! Bought lots of 1.5L water from 7-11..

Ok, last glimpse of Grand Palace before I left for lunch!

Stay tuned in for more!

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