Houseman SPA Interview 2012

So this morning I went for my SPA interview..

Be sure to be there early in the morning coz really slow leh.. have to wait for few hours.. I arrived at 7.30am and waited till 11am for my turn.. lol

The documents needed are:

  1. Resume with photo
  2. Ori & photocopy IC
  3. Ori & photocopy birth cert
  4. Ori & photocopy SPM result
  5. Ori & photocopy Uni leaving letter or letter to prove u have passed the exam
  6. Original cert during uni eg Dean List etc etc

Basically they will just see ur resume.. My interviewer is a Datin..

I waited outside for my number to show up on the board.. I heard the sound but nothing came out on the board.. suddenly Datin opened the door and called “Lim Wei Juan!”

Datin: Did your number show on the board?

Me: Nope

Datin: It’s shown here.. u see..

Me: Opps, sorry.. But it was not there..

Datin: It’s ok.. Can I have your documents? Please take a seat..

Me: These are the photocopy & these are the original one..

Datin: Ok, tell me more about ur family..

Me: I told her my parents & my siblings..

Datin: So why did u choose medicine? Is it since small? Any particular event in your life that has inspired u or something?

Me: I told her I got spontaneous pneumothorax & also it’s part of my dad’s advice. Lol

Datin: Oh, so can u tell me more about ur condition?

Me: I told her a long story.. lol

Datin: So currently r u on any treatment or follow up? Do u know why I asked this? Coz HO is very tiring and lots pressure..

Me: I told her I’m off from any sorts of treatment or follow up..

Datin: Congratulations, u have good academic results.. Besides academic achievements, do u have any other achievements?

Me: I told her about my track & field events during my secondary schools.

Datin: So what’s ur philosophy in life?

Me: Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Datin: Yes! And learn as if you were to live forever! Have u been to A&E posting?

Me: Yes..

Datin: Can u tell me how do u take history from a fainted patient pushed into A&E after RTA?

Me: I explained regarding ABC then history & PE bla bla bla..

Datin: So have u encountered unco-operative patient? And how did  u deal with the patient?

Me: I told stories again.. lol

Datin: Congrats again for passing the final prof exam.. So which hospital do u intend to apply and why?

Me: HSA coz with family bla bla bla..

Datin: Ok, congratulations and hope u can be a good doctor.. remember money comes later

Me: Ya, patients first and others second

Time: 13-15 minutes..

Next was Jun Ing’s turn..

Datin: R u married?

TJI: Yes..

Datin: So I call u Puan Tang ok?

TJI: Ok..

Datin: So who is ur husband?

TJI: Neh, just now that one lo..

Datin: Is it? I thought he put single?

TJI: Is it? I think he put married la..

Datin went to take LWJ paper & see again..

Datin: Oh! Married.. He got heart problem?

TJI: No la.. lung problem.

Datin: Is it like asthma?

TJI: No.. it’s a sudden condition

Datin: Just now he looked like breathlessness..

TJI: No la.. I think he’s nervous only.. hehe

Datin: What problem do u think will happen when u start working?

TJI: Time problem bla bla bla..

Datin: Can u tell me more about ur family?

TJI: Bla bla bla..

Datin: Are u proud of ur country?

TJI: Yes coz aman damai not like Thailand bla bla bla..

Datin: Do u think that bantuan Rm500 is good?

TJI: Good, can help ppl bla bla bla..

Datin: Why do u choose medicine?

TJI: Due to friend’s influence bla bla bla..

Datin: How do u deal with uncooperative patient?

Datin: What’s the slogan for KKM?

Datin: If a fainted patient came to A&E, how do u take history?

Datin: What’s the meaning of safe doctor?

Time: 10-13 minutes

My friends got the same interviewer but was asked different questions.. such as..

  1. TB (explain A to Z)
  2. How to deal with milk hygiene?
  3. How to deal with choking in paeds?
  4. How to take BP?

The longest I have seen was around 30 minutes..

So it’s just pure luck 🙂

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