Defender Chronicles 2

The long awaited Defender Chronicles 2 is finally here!

If u have played the first version then u will know why this game is so addictive!

From the loading screen, we know that they have added another 2 heroes, making it to 4 now!

And they have changed the GUI & it looked amazing!

The black market

The Elf Hut

And the wallpaper! Sorry, I have resized it.. haha.. if u want the original please let me know!

And I know u guys are asking.. how about the maps?

I got the prototyped one and its still under development!

Map forge

Map Kingdom

Map Tide

Map Tornwood

And just in case u wonder how come so small? Yes, coz the original image is huge so I have to resize it.. And I will enlarge the top part for u..

What?! How come in Bahasa Melayu one?! Gosh!

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