Cambodia Day 3: Tonle Sap & Phnom Penh

Continue from Day 2, we went to Tonle Sap.. The biggest South East Asia freshwater lake which measures 2,700 sq km during dry season but it swells to 16,000 sq km during monsoon season!

On the way to Tonle Sap.. Lots of paddy field..

Tonle Sap was also the favorite question for our Sejarah essay question..They always ask what’s the function of Tonle Sap in the history.. hehe

So now we’re going to visit and experience the function of it 😛

Wah.. Our boat.. so… nice

Erm.. Oh.. We were just bypassing it.. lol

The boat was going to Phnom Penh..

See, the kid so young already started to work liao.. Malaysian kid? DOTA-ing.

Our boatman..

I’m the co-pilot.. haha..

I had the chance to drive the boat as well.. Don’t worry, I don’t bite.

Most of the villagers work as fisherman.. Went out early in the morning to the market..

When they have nothing to do, they repair their boat..

And yeah, there’s one guy tumpang our boat.. lol

Beng.. beng..

This also call boat meh? Like putting a wood on the water and jump on it only!

So cute the baby..

We stopped over a floating souvenir shop and the ppl started to come & begged for stuff..

The worst part was.. the tourist gave them stickers.. LOL

What the hell the  tourist gave them sticker for.. haha.. BTW, where the hell they got the sticker from?!

I gave them my precious sweet smile and a nice shot!

But luckily some gave sweets, foods etc..

The beauty of Tonle Sap..

Basically just enjoy the scenery and see how they live..

Then we visited a handicraft factory just before our lunch..

A very quick visit and didn’t buy anything..

I saw those crafting which cost USD4000 with free shipping to ur door.. LOL

I might be interested when I have a bungalow house next time and the maid has nothing much to do.. then can buy 1 for her to clean it everyday.. haha

Lunch time and my bro’s fav was the Angkor beer.. I tasted it but really dislike it.. I prefer coconut more.

Then we went to the  bus stop for our scheduled 6 hours bus ride  to Phnom Penh..

But in the end it took 8 bloody hours to reach Phnom Penh..

Just took “tuk tuk”  to round Phnom Penh city..A tuk-tuk costs around USD 6-8 , not cheap!

That time was late.. Night photography is not good for this camera as well & the worst part is without tripod.. hehe…

Busy Phnom Penh even at night..

Good night Phnom Penh.

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