Cambodia Day 2: Ta Prohm & Angkor Wat

In the 1st part, we visited Angkor Thom.. Then we went to Ta Prohm temple!

We had to walk in from the entrance & along the way, u can see booksellers!

What? Book sellers? Yes, they will tell u USD1 for 1 book to lure u.. haha

That’s how we kena! USD1 for the book provided u have bought other books.. LOL

Then incidentally saw this butterfly on my dad’s hand..

Ta Prohm Temple is famous for its tree roots on the temple..

So basically it  is  temple with tree roots around it.. Why is this so unique?

Coz it showed that this temple has existed for a looooonnnng time..

Too many there lah! Want to find 1 good spot for photo also hard!

We have to act a bit aggressive or else u will have to wait forever for ur turn to take photo..

Then there’s a place which will produce echo only if u knock on ur chest with ur fist..

There will be no echo if u clap or talk etc..

Then on the way to Angkor Wat, we saw this milky fruit.. special local fruit!

Bought some back coz it tasted very nice! BUT, in JB we saw WORMS in it! Ahhh~

The seller’s  daughter.. Pretty huh? LOL

This is NOT Tonle Sap ok! This is the artificial lake around Angkor Wat.. hehe

So got inside Angkor Wat.. The famous UNESCO Heritage..

Our tour guide told me this is the good spot for photography… can take the reflection from water.. hehe

And also posing.. Here not too many ppl coz very hot ahh! 2pm in the afternoon.. what do u think? All ppl went to find shelter liao~

And ok, our tour guide started telling his stories again…..

Angkor Wat is a HUGE place.. Big compound!

But too bad we are running out of time coz we need to squeeze in another POI due to delay in 1st day..

So we couldn’t climb to the top of this tower.. But hey, looong queue ok!

Then we left Angkor Wat to Bakheng Hill for sunset!

Our tour guide told us to go at 3.30pm… At first we didn’t think much.. go mah go loh..

Up there can see Angkor Wat somemore.. hehe

It only took us 30mins to climb up the hill… Then we reached at around 4 something..

Started to feel bored.. And wonder……. Why the hell our tour guide asked us to climb up so early? Sunset leh..6pm leh.. almost 2 hours to go!

Then my mom grumbled and decided to reduce the tips for him.. LOL

So I spotted a long queue down there… And 1 of the ppl told us that it can accommodate 300 ppl at 1 go and those who are late have to wait for their turn..

Finally! Sunset!

Can see hot air balloon also.. hehe

Then I only realised that those who were queuing down there never got their chance to see the sunset.. They were told to go back and come back again tomorrow..

Ohhh…. That’s why our tour guide asked us to go so early lah..

Ok, BIG ang pow for u lah!

Night time nothing much to do then my bro wanted to play snooker..

It’s free of course and my bro has great position and pattern but poor accuracy.. LOL

Look good but actually not that good 😛

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