Cambodia Day 2: Angkor Thom

Yesterday reached quite late so didn’t do much and see much also..

So today must play gao gao..

So our original plan was to go Angkor Thom & Ta Prohm in the morning then Angkor Wat in the afternoon..

We wanna squeeze in Day 1 schedule into Day 2 & 3, so quite packed.. hehe

Set off to Angkor Thom early in the morning.. Erm..ok, not so early actually.. 8.30am

Passed by a paediatric hospital & saw lots of ppl waiting to get their children treated!

Actually the entrance for all the Angkor-angkor are using the same ticket..

Soooo many ppl!

People mountain people sea.. Wah seh.. OMG, broken Minglish (Malaysian English) LOL

A lot of Koreans & Chinese ah!!

Long Q ah!!! Not really.. coz we had tour guide.. So it’s express lane.. LOL

The ticket cost USD20.. BTW, Cambodian use their own currency but we have to use USD in their country..

What?! USD20? Ok lah, got my handsome face on it.. worth it la.. Then I have to purposely drop it on the floor to let ppl take up & see my face la.. haha

See the statue below? He’s carrying a snake.. They believe by drinking snake water it will make them live longer..

Opps.. Did I mention before that we have not entered the Angkor Thom yet? LOL

Family photo first before entering!

Korean guy posing lah..

We chose to walk into Angkor Thom but some ppl preferred to be carried in… by elephant!

Expected lah.. must be ang mo la..

Wah.. Finally entered Angkor Thom!

Just in case u ask me.. “Of all the places, why u choose Cambodia?”

It’s World Cultural Heritage ok! Go back & read your Sejarah textbook! haha

My dad also started learning to post in front of camera..

Outside of Angkor Thom..

Again, ang mo lots pattern one.. They can sit there for few hours drawing the scenery!

Going in Angkor Thom..

So, I didn’t realize our tour guide likes to talk, talk & talk..

He earns USD25 per day leh!

So he started to explain.. Initially, we’re very excited.. but then..

See this artistic wall? He could explain every single detail of it.. Wah sai! 10 minutes gone for that piece of wall..

Wah, very excited, everywhere also wall leh! Everywhere also explain, explain & explain.. See, my dad & bro started scratching liao..

While he’s explaining, I did my photography la..

Wah biang….. Not again?! Another 10 minutes on this wall..LOL

Going in also have to Q up leh.. U think what? Malacca A’Famosa? hehe

This is not that nice if compared to others our tour guide said.. Ta Prohm & Angkor Wat are even better!

Finally getting out of Angkor Thom..

We’re getting ready for our next destination! Ta Prohm!

BTW, Ta Prohm is also known as Tomb Raider temple!

Never heard of it? Don’t worry.. Some flash back for u!

Still blurr? Ok, She’s Jennifer Lopez. LOL

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