Cambodia Day 1: Airport Mania

Early morning we set off to Senai International Airport and in my heart “this is the day man!”

Planned to check in from JB to Siem Reap straight and the MAS counter receptionist told us ur flight to Siem Reap ” flight tomorrow ke?”

Ok, the story begins… Mana Ada System is too brilliant and their 5 star service is absolutely comparable (or lousier?) to budget airline. The Malaysian Hospitality cancelled our flight on that day and they DIDN’T inform us!

Last time AirAsia postponed my flight only I received 3 to 4 messages. LOL

So they gave us 2 options.. 1st, go back home and come back again tomorrow morning to fly again. 2nd, fly to KLIA and they provide us free hotel accomodation and fly the next day.

What the hell? We booked all the hotels, travel package in Siem Reap already leh!

My dad gave them our 3rd option, to transit at other airport to reach Siem Reap TODAY!

So they checked and told us we could fly to Bangkok by MAS and transit to Siem Reap by Bangkok Airways..

Anyhow, we still had to waste our money for day 1 in Siem Reap.. Missed a few destinations in Siem Reap lo..

So we flew from JB to KL, KL to Bangkok then Bangkok to Siem Reap.. What a day!

Anyway, I just realized that the meal box provided by MAS is made of 100% sugar cane fibers

Just in case which hungry idiot ate the box as well, it is good for digestion. LOL


At Bangkok new International Airport.. We had 3 hours to spend there..

Then my dad called me “boy, see this airplane!”

Come come, guess what airline is this? the behind one is Thai Airline la.. everyone knows it.. how about the front one with a cute logo?

My dad told me “Boy, see this noob airline”

I was like “WTF? Noob airline? lol”

Ohhh…. NokAir rupanya..

So our Bangkok Airline to Siem Reap was by this ATR 72, a 70 seater propeller aircraft!Inside the aircraft there were a lot of angmo! The angmo was carrying a Nikon D700!

Look at the cute design on the body of the aircraft! It’s a boutique airline..

AirAsia was going to take off as well.. Move bitch!

The first thing that caught my attention was this beautiful scenery!

HDR photo blended with PhotoMatix Pro 4

The first thing we did when we reached Siem Reap was to rush to the restaurant coz the restaurant dwas closing in 30 min.. LOL

They had their traditional dance.. I dont see any significant difference from Sarawak’s one leh..

Last time I also went up leh.. haha

Then we reached our hotel.. Angkor Holiday Hotel.. Cambodia Ministry of Tourism just upgraded this hotel to 4 stars.. lol

That time in internet still 3 stars..

Their TV programme is the best lah! 80++ channels from RTM TV1 to Korean TV also got.. haha

Then we just round for a while around our hotel to see what’s happening at night~

Saw lots of Korean & Chinese from China!

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