1 Malaysia Book Voucher

Under budget 2012, the government is giving away money to the people.. the lucky secondary school students got Rm100 cash while we, as university students got the RM200 book voucher..

Oh.. better than nothing lah..

So as expected, the 1 Malaysia logo is there and the voucher is not a fancy colourful thing.. u have to thank god our PM Najib face is not there.. haha

So, its pretty easy to get it.. just go to ur respective university office, bring ur IC and student card will do..

Write ur name & IC on the voucher.. woolaaa! Done!

It can be used in Popular Bookstore, MPH, Kamal Bookstore, MedicLink bookstore..

To those who never read newspaper or watch TV news..

The following picture is for u!

For goodness sake, please do not ask me who is this guy.

Ok, he is our Jib gor 😀

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