Central Europe Tour 2011 (Part 3)

Day 6:(Belgium, France)

Arrived at Brussel, the capital city of Belgium. Visited the Atomium and  the famous Mannekan Pis.

At the Atomium, Brussel, Belgium

Mannekan Pis, notice the toddler is wearing clothes. The clothes are always changed according to festive season

With mum's friends in front of the age old buildings

This is a place famous also for Belgium hand make chocolates. Belgium is the only country which we didn’t put up a night there. We  arrived at Paris after 4 hours drive on the highway.  FYI, most of the highways in Europe is toll free.


Day 7:(France)

After breakfast, we went for a city tour, visited  the famous historical Arch de Triomphe ; went up the Eiffel Tower.


Arch De Thriomphe, Paris

After lunch, the ladies had a great time shopping at Lafayette Gallery, the largest shopping complex in Europe.

Everybody knows where is this place!

Panoramic view of Paris city with Seine River from the second level of the Eiffel tower

Going to Paris without trying escargot (French snail) would be incomplete. So for dinner, we had escargot and red wine. Tasted good.  Its texture is like abalone and also a bit like  squid, very Q. This molluscs is cooked with butter, garlic and sauce.  If at home, I wouldn’t try eating snail at all!


This is the species that the French used it to make the delicacy

Eating escargot must go with red wine

Every one was ready to taste escargot


At night we had another river cruise on the Seine River to enjoy the night scenery of Paris and of course the Eiffel Tower.

Eye of Paris


To be continued…

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