Central Europe Tour 2011 (Part 2)

Day 4:(Germany)

Travelled along the Rhine River, Germany and reached Bacharach, Germany to visit the wine yard.

At the Rhine river bank

Lolery village, along Rhine River.

The grape trees were grown on the terrace of the hill slopes.  We had the opportunity to taste 3 types of white wine.

The house of the wine yard owner. This was where we had our wine tasting.

Visited the oldest Gothic church in Germany at Cologne(Koln in German) and before proceeding to Amsterdam, Holland.

Day 5:(Holland)

Went to Zaanse Schans to visit the cheese and clog shoe factory. The Dutch consumes a lot of cheese. Maybe that’s the reason majority of the Dutch people are tall.

Barbara explaining the making of cheese

Vvy with a big piece of cheese

The making of clog shoes

Here also you get to see lots of windmills, which are icons of  Netherland.

Everyone looks sleepy, right?

Then we proceeded to Volendam, Holland  where you could see houses being built below the sea level.


This is where you can find the houses are built below sea level.

This is what I saw in Volendam.


Can anyone pronounce the word? It is in Dutch! Lol!

After lunch, we went for a canal cruise in the city centre of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city where bicycle is one of the important mode of transport. The government even paved special lanes for bicycles.

boarding the ferry for canal cruise

Csnals in Amsterdam

At night we visited the red light district of Amsterdam where prostitution and sniffing of marijuana is legal. Of course photography is not allowed in this area. The coffeeshops here are places where people smoke marijuana! We also visited Dam Square in Amsterdam.

At Dam Square

To be continued ….

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