Central Europe Tour 2011 (Part 1)

Day 1:(Switzerland)


Arrived at Dubai International Airport for transit to Zurich, Switzerland  by Emirates Airlines.  We only had 3 ½ hours in Dubai. As such we were not allowed to go out of the airport. So we only did some window shopping at the airport. From the airport, we could see the tallest building in the world, i.e.  Burj Khalifa.

Of course I didn't take this super clear picture. It was taken from internet.

However  I could not take the picture because it was very foggy that afternoon.

We arrived at Zurich around 9.00 pm and proceeded to Lucerne, Switzerland to check in at the hotel.


A cute standby ambulance at the airport.

Day 2:(Switzerland)

After breakfast, we left Lucerne to go to Mt Pilatus which is about 2131m or 7000ft above sea level. The weather was very cold, around freezing point.

At one of the foothill of the Alps


There were not many tourists  there as it was still very early. We took a cable car to go up to Mt Pilatus. But most of us were disappointed as we didn’t get to see and play with snow there.  We had our lunch with Swiss communal dish –fondue with cubed crusty bread  up there.

After lunch, we descended to Lucerne city for some sight-seeing and shopping. Lucerne is a very beautiful resort city with a lake in the city centre. Lucerne is very famous for branded Swiss made watches.

The famous branded watch outlet.

In this type of cold weather, a cup of hot chocolate drink is very common and popular among the Swiss. We also tried one at one of the cafeteria.

We also visited the famous Lion Monument in Lucerne.

Day 3:(Switzerland, Germany)

After checking out, we were on our way to Rhine Falls and  Black Forest en-route to Heidelberg, Germany.  The Rhine Fall is the largest water fall in Europe. The water comes from the glaciers of the Rhine. However we only stopped for 20 minutes to take pictures.

The Black Forest is made up of lush valley of pine trees. We had our lunch at Titisee after visiting the cuckoo clock workshop.


The largest cuckooclock in the world.


Here we tried the famous black beer of Germany.

FYI, Germany is very famous for beer.

A 500 ml of beer costs €0.99 whereas a bottle of 500 ml mineral water costs €2.00!


At one of the shops in Titisee, Germany


We put up a night at Heidelberg where we had a magnificent view of the castle and the wooded valley of the Necker River.  Heidelberg, Germany  is an ancient city full of castles.

Castle in Heidelberg at night


In Europe, graffiti is like a kind of art. You can see everywhere along the highways, under the flyover and bridges.

Graffiti along the highway

To be continued……

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