Gunung Gading, Lundu

I always wanted to go & c the Rafflesia flower but didn’t have the chance..

So this time by hook or by crook I have to go..

Even it’s raining. lol

Gunung Gading is at Lundu and it’s around 1 hour drive from Kuching..

Depends on traffic and ur driving speed..

As expected, u have to go through a series of jungle-like road before u can actually reach there!

Last time I “tried” to go there by following Google’s map..but..

In the end the stupid Google’s map was outdated and it led me to FERRY!

I was like “What the hell, nowadays where got ferry somemore?!”

So I knew I went into the wrong route and turned back.. haha

So this time no Google map, no GPS.. I asked my classmate who lives in Bau..

Bau is near to Lundu.. Ok, at least nearer to Kuching.. lol

So I managed to reach Lundu safely..

It’s just pity that it’s raining that time..

So in the end I did not get down..Just stayed inside the car.

Borneo’s icon bird!

As usual, first thing is to see the park information..

Holy RM10 entrance fees! Luckily Rm5 for student.. So have to go la when u’re student.. hehe

But I did not get down from my car so I did not pay.. haha

Mental injury.. Don’t got scared by the monkeys ok!

Saw quite a number of cars there.. overnight there..

I asked one of the man in-charge..

“Bila ada bunga ya?”

“Sekarang tiada la..”

“So bila estimated ada ya?”

Two shocking words “Next year”

Then we decided to go turn around Lundu town..

Saw Loji Perawatan Air.. lol

Next to Gunung Gading..

And saw Lundu town hall..

Stopped by Petronas to….

Not pump petrol..

Not buy drinks..

What else?

Tumpang their toilet..

And saw this boat..

The water from Thailand.. No la, Jk jk 🙂

Suprisingly saw this Chinese Temple..

I thought Lundu is bumiputra town area.. weird

Before going back.. last peep at Gunung Gading..

I will come back again one day to conquer u!

It’s still raining when we drove back..

*Photos taken with iPhone 3G, edited with iPad 2 Adobe Photoshop Express*
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