DocsToGo vs QuickOffice vs iWorks: Excel

In the previous post, I have talked about opening word file in these apps..

Now I will take about the spreadsheets or excel file.

As for spreadsheets, here is the MS Excel 2010 file I used as a template:

Docs2Go was able to show cell formatting and alignment correctly. That’s about it. D2G has a menu you have to open to switch between sheets rather than tabs. It can’t display graphics of any kind (I didn’t attach the first page because it was blank) and it gets formatting of tables wrong too. D2G does manage to get formulas right though.

QuickOffice also fails to load any graphs or charts. It does have tabs for switching between sheets quickly though. When I loaded other spreadsheets where the numbers in a cell are too long QO simply displays a bunch of XXs rather than round the number off. It also has trouble loading large spreadsheets, but I couldn’t find any info on what the cut off is for files to be too big.

Numbers is able to show all the graphs and charts. It converted the 3D ones to 2D. For some reason Numbers places the keys to charts outside of the chart’s outline. Not a huge problem, I just thought it was odd. Not only can Numbers show graphs it can even edit and manipulate them. It gets cell formatting and tables right as well. It gets formulas right too. Data analysis effects like error bars and trendlines are lost though.

Numbers is the clear winner in my mind. The fact that QuickOffice and Docs2Go can’t display graphs or charts is mind boggling. That’s such a central part of what Excel is used for. It’s even stranger because I know that these apps are able to display these features in their versions on other platforms.

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