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I’ve been lurking on here for a while getting info about my iPad. I figured why not make my first post some useful information.

Hoping to save fellow iPad owners some money I decided to write up a detailed comparison of these apps. I got the idea to load files with lots of different formatting and features into each of the apps and compare the results from a thread on the xda forums doing the same thing for the Honeycomb office apps. I didn’t see anything similar on these forums so here goes.

Starting with word processing:

Here’s the MS Word 2010 document I used:

Page 2

Docs2Go did the best job of rendering all the different fonts and had the greatest selection of them to choose from. It displayed pasted images but couldn’t render embedded graphs. It did a good job with the table as well, though it set all the rows to a single common size.

Page 2

QuickOffice has the fewest fonts and is the only one that couldn’t display subscripts and superscripts. It did ok at rendering graphics, like D2G it couldn’t show the embedded graph, but it could show the images. QO was the only one that got the sizing of the table’s rows somewhat right.

Page 2

Pages tells you right as you load a document what formatting it isn’t able to display. Its selection of fonts is the smaller than Docs2Go, but it has most of the major ones. Pages was able to display all the graphics, but did the worst job on the table. This is the only one with a spellcheck and was able to spot typos in the document.

Page 2

I opened several other documents including old papers and lab reports, with all three and the results were mostly the same as above. I would say if you’re going to edit and revise existing documents Docs2Go would be your best bet due to how well it displays content and preserves formatting even if it can’t display it. If you want to create a lot of documents, Pages would be my recommendation. It is loaded with templates, has spell check and can export in both iWork and MS Office formats.

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