Why I bought iPad 2

Yes, I bought the White iPad 2 16GB Wifi version.

So how to differentiate with the Wifi + 3G version? See the backcover with a black  strip at top on the second picture above? That’s the Wifi + 3G version

So why did i buy iPad 2?

First of all.. SPEED!!

If u have iPhone 4 and has been using it happily, then u should come and try my iPhone 3G!

It has been so non-productive at all.. lol

Even iPad 2 is faster than the new iPhone 4s!

Some of the most frequently used apps..

Password protected ok! lol

DocToGo, CHM reader, 2Do..

On screen keyboard is big enough for me to type like a physical keyboard

CHM reader

easy & fast

2Do to keep track all the stuff

Medscape for offline data

Extensive info in Medscape

To help protecting my iPad 2, i bought this idiotic cover which cost me RM139!

This is the cheapest + most practical for me.. lol

It not only can protect, can use as a stand for my easier reading..

And most importantly it supports the “open cover, auto switch on iPad” feature

And also “auto switch off iPad when I close the cover”

So I do not need to press the top button to switch the screen off.. Nice right?

Now with the iOS 5, multitasking gestures made me no need to press the home button as well.. haha

So basically I hardly press any buttons nowadays.. Just merely “touching” LOL

Then not forgetting some entertainment.. games etc.. lol

Lots of excuses to buy iPad 2? LOL

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