One nice Manglish I spotted in Photo Malaysia forum! LOL

JOne is selling all cheap compare to other place… i like uncle jason…..

yeah some time when ramai people at his kedai, he will sibuk layan customer….that one i faham lohhh. but if u go when less customer…. uncle jason is like your old kawan lama even that day is you first time jumpa him…… .

for repair service i go to Dr cheah mutiara mall jalan ipoh near Digicolor… he is good. One of my lens have mandi at laut at terengganu… than i send to cheah……Wow come to me like new… lagi aaa that lens become so sharp…. than i say Wow wow wow wow

I dengar a lot of cerita that YL is suck right now……. yeah because YL is now like pasar borong….. So ramai People want to buy at they place….. why not we all in PMalaysia from now don’t got buy camera or other stuff there……. nanti baru YL rasa padan muka….. ha ha ha ha ha (im so evil right now)

BTW, just in case u don know what is Manglish, here u go..

Manglish (or sometimes Malglish or Mangled English) is an English based creole spoken inMalaysia.

Source? Wikipedia.. Haha

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