YMCA Sibu & Durian!!

After our official job was done, we suddenly had an urge to visit YMCA since some of our group members, including  myself have not visited YMCA before..

Actually Jun Ing planned to bring me there before I left Sibu..

So this was a win-win situation!


The entrance fees was Rm2 if not mistaken..

It was a rundown place I would say.. Maybe of the expensive entrance fees..


There used to be a very popular place for the youngster to hang around..


But now it  has lost the spirit liao.. >.<


Dirty water..


And even “carpet” on the floor!

I think this road has not been stepped on ages by human beings.. lol

It was just a very short trip coz inside nothing much to see..

Then on the way back, Grace  had a crave to eat Durian!!


Curious to know who is Grace? The black T-shirt hot girl 🙂

Anyway, these are our group members.. with 1 Japanese student, Ken Ji as well 🙂


Yeah, taking photos with the durian.. lol


The durian seller and our group leader Mr Aris!

I did not try the durian coz too “heaty”~

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